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The amount of books and didactic material made it necessary to create a space common to all. Now it's time to equip the Sharing Love Library with shelves, tables and benches for...

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The amount of books and didactic material made it necessary to create a space common to all. Now it's time to equip the Sharing Love Library with shelves, tables and benches for everyone!

The Sharing Love Library it’s a project created in 2017 by the non-profit Organization Sharing Love.

After our first mission in Santo Antão - Cape Verde, where a ship cargo container full of donations from private supporters was distributed by the population, we came across a huge amount of books, school manuals and didactic materials. We knew straight away that we should somehow organize it and make it available not only for certain families but to all the population, specially to the kids.

We are now in need of furniture to equip our Library and this is where you take part! This space, open Monday to Friday and run by a local guy Mr. Érico, urgently needs bookshelves, tables and chairs and your contributions will be used to purchase it. Currently, we only have one chair and we want to guarantee a better place for everyone that comes to the study sessions as well as lectures provided in there.

Education’s our main focus, and even though the Puzzles, board games and illustrated books are already appealing to these kids from Planalto Leste to come back, we know that better conditions will motivate them even more to another visit.

About the author

Sharing Love is a nonprofit association for community development! We support five villages in the Island of Santo Antão, Cape Verde and we promote their development also through local resources.

Every year we fly to the Island of Santo Antão with a group of volunteers who dedicate themselves for 20 days to this population with the knowledge of their areas of formation and interest.

Since we started this journey, we have been collecting private donations to fill up a cargo container which is distributed afterward to the population. From clothes, books, school supplies, toys, everything donated is distributed by our volunteers.

Environmental education and garbage collection - With the support of the Porto Novo Municipal Council and the local association “AMUPAL”, we carried out awareness-raising actions and garbage collection with children and young people. These activities allow young people to realize the importance of keeping their space clean!

Enhance local economy – Together with a local association “AMUPAL” we have equipped a local B&B, which is now able to accommodate tourists willing to discover the amazing landscape of the island. We have also refurbished and improved the kitchen, which is now producing and selling local products.

Our main focus is local development on the remote villages of Agua das Caldeiras, Lombo de Figueira, Ribeirão Fundo, Cova. We have been continuously working with these villages, helping with their education, providing the tools needed to enhance their resources and life quality.

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela

Budget and due dates

A crowdfunding campaign ends on 08/15/2019. This is a first time sharing Crowdfunding.

5 places: 220 €

10 banks: € 70

2 tables: 210 €

Total: € 500

This is the purpose of equipping our library.
If the goal is met and exceeded, it will be applied to future Sharing Love projects.

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