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I'm Barbara, I'm 7 years old and I have CEREBRAL PALSY! It is time to stand up, and for this I need the SURGERY Myotenophostiotomy. It is a surgery used in Spain and it is very ...

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I'm Barbara, I'm 7 years old and I have CEREBRAL PALSY! It is time to stand up, and for this I need the SURGERY Myotenophostiotomy. It is a surgery used in Spain and it is very expensive (4500 €!). That's why I need your help!

Since I was 2 years old I have been doing intensive therapy (7 hours a day, at least 2 months at a time) and I have been able to escape from major surgeries, which are common to people with cerebral palsy, due to the deformations that show up. We grow, the bones grows, but the muscles and tendons do not follow, getting shortened ... Here in Portugal the common practice is to perform a surgery intervention when there are already deformations, intervening with the cut of the tendons or even in the bone. To avoid this painful process, my therapists advised the method of Dr. Igor Nazarov (with a clinic in Barcelona) which is a non invasive procedure (lasts 30 minutes, mask sedation with only one day of hospitalization) and consists of making a few "holes" under the skin to release what is "pulling "In order to free my movements. In this last intensive therapy I did at the CHS-CEI Clinic, I showed my parents and therapists that I can already stand holding on to something and with orthoprdic splints on my feet. But if I get the splints off I get all crooked and can not stand it! If I were given the possibility of being able to do the surgery I would not have these shortenings, and then, properly trained, it would be easier to learn to WALK! As I don't speak it would be much easier for everyone to walk because I could show what I want, instead of everyone trying to guess! The surgery costs € 4500! If each one could give 1 euro, I would get the surgery on May 2 in Barcelona! I am counting on your help!

About the author

I'm Sandra, Barbara's mother! Since always, the father and I done everything we can to give her as much autonomy as possible, so that Barbara can be HAPPY! Only in therapies we spend annually € 30,000, an amount that we can raise through recycling plastic bottle caps, events and donations (see facebook Bárbara Passo a Passo). But the need for this surgery is being an extra expense and we can not get her out of rehabilitation, since the post-operative therapies defines the success of the intervention.

As a mother, I appeal to your generosity so that someday I can realize the dream of seeing her walking towards me, as you see your children when you pick them at school! Thank you!

Budget and due dates

  • 4500 € - are for surgery
  • 307.5 € - commission costs of 5% of the PPL + VAT
  • 110.7 € - costs for payments 2 € + VAT

Total required: 4918.2 €
The surgery is scheduled for May 2.

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    Sincere thanks to Barbara Passo a Passo

    With your contribution you will be entitled to a Sincere Thank you presented on the Facebook page of Barbara Passo a Passo! Your euro is fundamental, because for you it may be insignificant, but when with others, it will be the difference between Barbara being able to perform the surgery or not! We count on you!

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    Barbara's video posting to thank

    By contributing 10 euros, you will have the right to see a video of thanks from Barbara on the page of Barbara Passo a Passo and from whom made the donation (your facebook must be able to do so)! Are you imagining the face of your friends when they have to recognize that you have a bigger heart than the world ??? Surprise them by letting them know that you are already a friend of Barbara Passo a Passo and how comforting it is to know that we collaborate so that someone lives better !!! Thank you!

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    Support with 50 € or more and get

    With a minimum of 50 euros you will be pleased to receive a DVD with the records of the evolutions of Barbara Passo a Passo at home (postage by mail included in Portugal)! You can watch the film with your friends and family, sharing a moment of reflection on the difficulties that these children with developmental delay have to be as autonomous as possible and the struggle of their families to give them the best quality of life! Your help is essential! Thank you!

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    Meet Barbara in person

    With the donation of at least 100 euros, you will have the pleasure of meeting in Cantanhede (give telephone contact), personally, this little warrior ... You will be pleased to feel the warmth of her embrace ... You will be pleased to see her naughty Smile ... You will be pleased to understand better the value of your act of generosity! Thank you!

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