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we need economic resources to keep us running

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we need economic resources to keep us running

There are chronic and disabling mental illnesses that are a strong factor in social exclusion. People with experience in this type of mental illness (patients and relatives), need specialized responses in addition to the intervention of health care, in order to defend their place in society, mitigate the devastating effects of the disease and provide the maintenance of social networks -Affective that contributes to a stable, balanced and rewarding daily life!

We operate on a 3rd floor, in a building without an elevator, which is an exclusion factor as it limits access. The Municipality of Odivelas provided an architectural space suitable for accessibility, but which needs some adaptation works, for which we do not have financial resources (budget 25,000). Without these works, people with reduced mobility are excluded from such an essential social response.

About the author

The Community Association of Mental Health of Odivelas (ACSMO) is a private institution of social solidarity (IPSS), recognized as a collective person of public benefit, registered at the Directorate-General for Social Security, under the number 4/97, to pages 119, of Book No. 1 of Institutions with Health Purposes , and its mission is the social and community integration of the mentally ill and the promotion and defense of solidarity and citizenship to which they are entitled, through scientific actions , cultural, recreational and psychosocial research.

ACSMO carries out its activity in the Municipality of Odivelas and taking into account its purpose, proposes to achieve the following objectives, aims and activities:

  • support and defend the rights of the mentally ill;
  • promote and defend mental health in the community;
  • promote and defend the social participation of the mentally ill, contributing to the integration and / or social and community reintegration of the mentally ill;
  • raise awareness, clarify and mobilize public opinion, namely through the media, to the problem of the mentally ill;
  • sensitize and encourage local authorities to participate in initiatives of different scope, with the aim of reintegrating the mentally ill into the community;
  • collaborate with entities and bodies responsible for mental health, employment, training, culture, leisure and housing;
  • collaborate with other entities and scientific associations in holding meetings, congresses, colloquia, in order to raise awareness of mental illness and its inclusion in the psychosocial context;
  • promote the creation of intermediate structures (eg residences) that allow the rehabilitation and participation of the mentally ill;
  • facilitate and promote the creation of affective bonds between members, providing the mentally ill with the socio-family contacts that will allow them to easily integrate socially and professionally.
  • ACSMO already exists in 1992 - We are not going to drop this fundamental answer!

Budget and due dates

The lowest budget that we were able to obtain for the work on adapting the space provided by Camara de Odivelas, is around 25,000 euros.

The works must go ahead as soon as possible because we have to leave the space where we are as soon as possible.

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