Passa Sabi flies to the Azores
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Passa Sabi flies to the Azores

We are taking 14 children to Ponta Delgada!✈️

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We are taking 14 children to Ponta Delgada!✈️

💥This year was full of challenges and emotions!✨
We mark 6 years of Passa Sabi's life with a thank you to everyone who has joined our mission!

🤝This year was also one of overcoming and overcoming obstacles! And we thought that the best way to make dreams come true was to take Passa Sabi on new flights✈️

The 🗺 Around the World 🌍 - weekly cultural activity of the ATL Passa Sabi which aims to make the world's cultures known to the youngest in an interactive and dynamic way - and the 🏅Liga Smarties 📚 - program of incentives for community activism, improvement of notes and associative involvement - got together and are preparing the trip to the 🍍Azores🐋 of the newest members of Passa Sabi!

And they need all the help!!! 🤲

Grain by grain...🐓...
€1 can help make this dream come true, and will you help us take flight?🛫

We've already got good support since May through private donations and the sale of raffles but we still need a little more help!

We are going to travel in September and we need you to be able to pay for food, transport, accommodation and activities for the 14 young people from Bairro do Rêgo who will take off to Ponta Delgada!

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About the author

Passa Sabi was formed by residents in 2014 with a common goal and desire to do more and better for the community.

Since that time, he has followed IPAV, first in the 'O Nosso Km2' project and then in the first BipZips that took place in the community.

In 2017, it started a process of empowerment and training and it was through BipZip that it managed to carry out activities, design a common project and today be the main representative of the community in institutional terms. In addition to BipZips, the experience is above all large in terms of community partner networks and of identical origins. Passa Sabi is a non-profit association and fundamentally depends on community support that allows its implementation.


Budget and due dates

Accommodation - €700

Food - €600

Transport - €400

Activities - €300

Total: €2000

  • One year of membership dues!

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    15€ or more

    One year of membership dues!

    Free access to the activities of Passa Sabi

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  • Urban Art Tour in Bairro do Rêgo

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    20€ or more

    Urban Art Tour in Bairro do Rêgo

    Our neighborhood has been accumulating an important set of works of urban art and whoever donates €20 can be part of a community tour led by the young leaders of the community!

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  • Thanks Dinner

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    40€ or more

    Thanks Dinner

    Thank you! With this value it will be easier for us to fly higher and faster! As a form of thanks, let's create a moment of community gratitude with dinner and entertainment in the Passa Sabi style!

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