We are going to create a school in the forest in the municipality of Ourém.
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We are going to create a school in the forest in the municipality of Ourém.

This campaign will allow us to raise funds to formally establish a non-profit association and purchase educational resources that will allow us to streamline our activities.

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This campaign will allow us to raise funds to formally establish a non-profit association and purchase educational resources that will allow us to streamline our activities.

We are going to create a school in the forest in Ourém.

We are a group of natural parents and residents in the municipality and we are creating a non-profit association whose main objective is to promote learning through nature. We intend to develop activities following the model of outdoor school / forest school.

This campaign aims to financially support the creation of a school in the forest in the municipality of Ourém.

Recent scientific studies have concluded that 200% of children communicate better abroad and that some can only be truly involved in learning when they are abroad.

In addition, outside the levels of involvement in learning increase substantially and the outdoors activates the functioning of the brain.

Increasingly, families are looking for educational responses outdoors and that meet the effective needs of children, providing them with rich experiences, live and contextual learning and that enhance their physical and emotional health.

We want to offer this generation the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful childhood outdoors that many of us were fortunate enough to have lived, but which unfortunately children today are losing more and more.

The current pandemic has come to show us that contact with nature is fundamental to the child's social, emotional and motor development. In addition, contact with nature has a strong impact on the academic performance of the youngest.

It is of utmost importance to create new educational responses that change the traditional paradigm of education and offer new learning opportunities in order to prepare children for the society of the future.

It is within the reach of each of us to be able to provide our children with dynamic and lively learning where creativity, critical thinking and personal skills will make a valid contribution to the community.

Support this project and you will be able to monitor the impact of nature on the lives of many children


About the author

The Escola Floresta Association will be created to give children the opportunity to connect with nature, inspiring them to live a naturally healthy lifestyle and to develop their resilience, confidence, independence, as well as problem solving and communication skills. creativity - all the tools you need for a happy and successful life.

This will be an association for community learning and cooperation with nature and our main values are:

  • Develop children's bodies and minds through contact with nature
  • Promote holistic development in children, youth and educators.
  • Support educators in discovering a new way of educating
  • Develop a teaching methodology that promotes the interests of the child
  • Promote educational events in nature for the community
  • Support individualized learning, respectful of the child's rhythms and focused on their interests.

Children will have the opportunity to learn at their own pace, in harmony and connection with nature and with lots of fun.

We will have a Learning Center, which will welcome the development of children from 3 to 10 years old.

The Escola Floresta Association will also promote outdoor summer camps, playgroups for babies and children, extra-curricular outdoor school activities and nature sessions for families.

Budget and due dates


In order to be able to formally establish the association and purchase resources that will allow us to boost summer camps and activities as of the summer of 2021, we need your help to raise at least 1200, in which:

€ 300 - intended to pay for the formal establishment of the non-profit association.

796.68 € - intended for the purchase of materials for the promotion of outdoor school activities. Among the necessary materials are the following:


  • magnifiers for children
  • research kits
  • strings of various sizes
  • mud kitchen utensils
  • tarps and thin ropes to make shelters
  • water tank with tap
  • hammocks
  • first aid kits
  • miniature animals and insects
  • gardening kits
  • parachute for outdoor games
  • children's book
  • binoculars
  • materials for artistic expressions
  • clipboards
  • visibility vests
  • child friendly tools
  • wood-burning outdoor brazier

€ 103.32 - for the PPL commission


During the campaign, if someone donates some of the materials to us, the amount raised will be used to equip our headquarters with a study library and a small kitchen, and we need the following materials for this purpose:

  • children's encyclopedias
  • children's book
  • a portable whiteboard
  • puzzles
  • educational games
  • tablets for kids
  • mini bar fridge
  • microwave
  • Electric kettle
  • portable stove



April and May 2021 - Disclosure of the fundraising campaign
June 2121 - Constitution of the non-profit association
July 2021 - Evaluation of materials on the market with the best cost-benefit ratio and their acquisition.
July / August 2021 - Sending of rewards and official opening of the project.

  • Exploring Creativity with Nature's Elements Ebook

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    5€ or more

    Exploring Creativity with Nature's Elements Ebook

    This Ebook contains 14 activities that you can do with natural resources. The materials can be collected on any walk through the forest, through the pine forest or even in your backyard. The content of the book serves only as a motto to give free rein to the imagination, so all activities that arise from here will always be a step forward in the development of creativity and free play. Along with the Ebook you will receive a printable to do an insect hunt with your children.

    14 backers

  • Children's book - A Different Family + creative postcard painted in watercolors

    Invest with
    10€ or more

    Children's book - A Different Family + creative postcard painted in watercolors

    This children's book is by Cátia, the creator and dreamer of this project. The book tells the story of João Gingo, a boy who lives in a future in which the means of transport have modernized and where robots are part of the family. João Gingão lives with his grandfather Joaquim Pudim and the robot Hermes, he never met his parents and one day decides to go on a trip around the world in search of his parents. You will return from this trip with a different feeling towards your family. Target Audience: 3 to 10 years old Daniela Marques, mother and founding member of the project, will paint creative postcards to send to our patrons.

    17 backers

  • Participation in one of our workshops

    Invest with
    20€ or more

    Participation in one of our workshops

    Learn in the Forest Workshop - The pedagogy of a school in the forest or Creative sewing initiation workshop

    14 backers

  • Two sessions of yoga baby or yoga kids

    Invest with
    40€ or more

    Two sessions of yoga baby or yoga kids

    Offer of two baby Baby yoga sessions (2 to 23 months) or yoga kids (3 to 12 years) by Juliana Antunes, founding member of the project, Yoga teacher for Babies and Children (2 months - 12 years) and Meditation teacher and Relaxation for Children. Get to know Juliana's work through the page: https://www.facebook.com/Juliana.Antunes.GirassolFeliz/

    1 backer

  • Breast milk jewel

    Invest with
    50€ or more

    Breast milk jewel

    Marlene, mother and founding member of the project makes jewelry from breast milk that she will offer to our patrons. https://www.facebook.com/joiadeleite/

    9 backers

  • Basket of natural beauty products

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    100€ or more

    Basket of natural beauty products

    A special mention as sponsors of our project on our website and social networks. Tania and Sara, mothers and founding members of the project make natural beauty products and will contribute to the basket that will have soaps, creams, balms, aromatic herbs and a painting in watercolors.

    3 backers

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  • Romana Meneses

    Parabéns!! :)

    Aplaudo mais um projeto que alargue os horizontes de aprendizagem das nossas crianças e, sobretudo, que as "devolva" à Floresta e à sua natureza. Parabéns!

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