We will support the Deolinda and the Salvador!!
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We will support the Deolinda and the Salvador!!

Elderly people urgently need help to get the Cadaval town hall to put clean water in their housing. It is our civic duty to support this cause and help this elderly couple to ha...

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Elderly people urgently need help to get the Cadaval town hall to put clean water in their housing. It is our civic duty to support this cause and help this elderly couple to have a more dignified life!!

Deolinda and Salvador 2 elderly people of 75 and 78 years, live in Lameiras, Vermelha, Cadaval for more than 40 years, in this dwelling whose land was ceded by the mother of Deolinda and that the 2 were building according to their possibilities, which were always very few.

It turns out that the mother of Deolinda passed away and never put the house (which has license only for shed) on behalf of Deolinda and the Salvador, and Deolinda has more siblings (6 in total with it). But the worst is not this, also never asked the city Hall license for drinking water from the net or sewers, having always used a well for domestic spending and drinking water to drink.

It turns out that with the sewers being routed to the terrain over the years, they have reached the well having made unsustainable consumption of water from the well up to domestic spending.

Deolinda has already gone to town Hall to ask them to put clean water in there, but the house has no habitability license and is not in her name, which makes it impossible to order.

In other words, we reach the XXI century and there are still situations of citizens not having drinking water in our country, all for bureaucratic situations in which the House does not support, not even the elderly.

Thus, Deolinda has to ask a technician to make a plan of the House and to put the process in the Chamber to ask for the permit for housing and there can ask for water and sewage for it, but Deolinda has a reform of €295 and the Savior a reform of €395 , which makes the costs of this process unsustainable for the two.

The Salvadoror is in the day center of the Holy House of Mercy, goes in the morning and returns home by 16.30 H, where he pays more or less 180 €/month + €70 in medications every month for both.

So and because this case is considered a social case, in which we all have a duty to support, we have created this campaign to support the Savior and Deolinda who so much need support at this time. 

We are in the XXI century and in Portugal there are still many elderly and poor living without conditions of life, because for human rights in the world everyone has the right to drinking water, which is not the case of this couple of elderly...

About the author

I am business consultant, management and financial, intends to support the elderly couple because it considers a great social injustice what they are living.
I am completely available to support the cause to the end and to get the elderly couple to have the best quality of life possible until the end of their life, as well as to mediate the whole process until the end, until the elderly couple have the process completed in the Mun chamber Icipal of Cadaval
The couple has 2 children but one of these emigrated in France and the other has no financial conditions to support the parents.

Budget and due dates

1st Housing Plant-€5500
2nd order entry in town Hall-€30
3rd payment of water and sewage rates-€250 x 2
4th clean and disinfection of the well and water filtration-€1500

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    Huge thanks from the elderly The elderly will call to thank each of the supporters, thanking the enormous support given to them. Well Hajam!

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    Transfer of 5 meters of land for cultivation for 1 year The elderly are in a plot of land of 2,830 m2 that is not being cultivated and all its supporters make sure to give them for 1 year a small lot of 5 meters for their vegetable garden they want to plant. They will also have the call of the elderly to thank and combine the delivery and the trip to the ground. Well Hajam!

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