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Make cancer walk away

Let's walk to fight cancer and make cancer walk away

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Let's walk to fight cancer and make cancer walk away

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women and the second most common cancer in the general population, with an estimated 2 million new cases in 2018. Physical activity and a healthy lifestyle are essential not only for the prevention of cancer but in increasing quality of survival of cancer patients.

While breast cancer survivor I embraced the mission of talking about cancer. Share my experience and raise awareness. Show the ones who now to face the disease that the road is hard but the goal exists (and I'm there to applaud them on the arrival!)

The 4-day march of Njiemegen (Holland) is an event organized annually since 1916 with the aim of promoting sports and a healthy lifestyle. And there will be no better place than the world's largest walking event to embrace the challenge of honoring those who, at some point in their life, have faced cancer. Better still if with that I can raise some funds to support associations and research in this area.

My proposal is:

- I will walk 40 km per day for 4 days (200 km in total (ouch!)). Each Km will be a tribute to those who have faced cancer. When making a donation, share with me the name of who you want to pay homage. Throughout the race I will report on the blog "My cancer gave a blog", where publicly I will show you the Km dedicated to your friend or loved one (with a right to a little something so that it stays forever with the memory of this dedication) .

- I will be part of a team who aim to raise funds for cancer patient support associations and research projects in this area. And it is to fulfill this part that I need your help and generosity!

- I will share my experience (from training to the test) on the blog so that the world knows the difficulties and obstacles that a cancer patient face, even after the treatment is finished. My whole commitment will also be to share the overcomes on this path so that you can inspire everyone who is now beginning the battle against cancer.

Help me to achieve this challenge!

Follow all developments and know more at:

Intagram @omeucancrodavaumblog

About the author

My name is Ana. At age 36 my life decided to give me a "shakeout", rewarding me with breast cancer (with a thyroid carcinoma as extra). Throughout this process, sharing my personal experience was also a therapy. Always with a sense of humor and good mood, I try that the sharing of my defeats and victories, of my tears and smiles, can be an inspiration to those who begin this battle now. In addition to a bit of hyperactivity (who knows me knows what I say;)), I love a good challenge!

"Walk the Walk" is an association with more than 20 years that has already raised more than 100 million Euros, promoting the practice of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. Each year it organizes teams to participate in a series of sporting events. Thus, all participants are encouraged to practice sports while raising funds for breast cancer-related actions. The association is currently expanding so that its initiatives and aid go further (maybe even Portugal!)

Budget and due dates

  • Participation in this event implies the raising of a minimum of € 750 until August 12, 2019. Of course, if we manage to exceed this value together, the success will be even greater !!
  • The total amount of money raised is distributed to support breast cancer patients and research projects in this area (with special emphasis on the study of metastatic breast cancer).
  • All costs of registration, accommodation and travel will be fully funded by myself.
  • The competition will take place from 16 to 19 July 2019 in Njiemegen, the Netherlands.
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    Honor someone special

    Dedicate a Km of this march to someone special. Send me the name of who you want to honor (and a personalized message if you wish). During the race I will publish it on the blog "O meu cancro dava um blog", directly from the place of the race.

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    An extra thank you!

    In addition to the previous rewards I will send you a gift so that you can paint some color in your training or offer to someone! (shipping included)

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    In addition to the previous rewards, and due to your generosity, you will receive a T-shirt to train and, who knows, follow me next year! (including shipping)

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    In addition to the previous rewards you will receive an exclusive gift for anyone who has a heart the size of the world! Awaiting a surprise !!

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