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Give the other's hand!

We intend to raise funds to support the Vincentians of Vilar do Paraíso, in their service to the poorest!

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We intend to raise funds to support the Vincentians of Vilar do Paraíso, in their service to the poorest!

The Viventinas of the Parish of Vilar do Paraíso have been working for the most needy for 77 years, but the difficulties they face today are more and more. As Scouts we have the motto Always Alert to Serve, and it is for this purpose that we launched this campaign.

The Vincentians already supported many families in our community, and during this pandemic they welcomed even more families, always with a spirit of charity and a willingness to help others.

The Vilar do Paraíso Grouping 321 has a fundamental role in this context, and we are not going to set aside in support of others.

Collaborate with us! Our goal is simple: reaching the value we will use this money to help the Vincentians, as needed, in the purchase of food for the delivery of baskets to the nearest.

Together we can be a beacon for those who need it most!



About the author

The Vilar do Paraíso Group 321 in 2021 celebrates the 25th anniversary of its reopening. There is no better way to build a better world and remember our anniversary than to help another. We are a group from the parish that counts between leaders and scouts with more than one hundred elements. At this moment when our activities are suspended due to the new reality experienced, we believe that the debt Always Alert to Serve, more than ever, should be very present in our actions.

Budget and due dates

We want to raise 1000 €, so that we can contribute 66 baskets, given that on average each basket that the Vincentians prepare has a value of 15 €.

Until December 25th, we expect to have this amount, so that we start the year 2021 with the guarantee that we can continue to help others.

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    Warm the Heart

    At the Grouping Christmas Party in 2021 do we offer a Tea / Coffee or Hot Chocolate?

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    When it is possible at a barbecue nearby that the Grouping organizes we will be happy to offer a sandwich.

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