Aid for the 25 orphaned children in Jinja (Uganda)
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Aid for the 25 orphaned children in Jinja (Uganda)

This campaign aims to raise funds to leverage a project to care for orphaned children in the Jinja region (Uganda), helping them to reach the same opportunities that any child i...

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This campaign aims to raise funds to leverage a project to care for orphaned children in the Jinja region (Uganda), helping them to reach the same opportunities that any child in the world is entitled to.

The Divine Children Care Project (DCCP) came about at the initiative of Lukedeire and some friends. Unhappy with the continued growth in the number of orphans in their community and the poor living conditions in which several children grew up, they decided to dedicate their lives to providing a better future for young orphans in their community.

This project's main objective is to ensure that these children have access to the same opportunities and living conditions that any other child would have under normal conditions, thus enabling their better development and the consequent minimization of poverty and social problems in this region.

Although Lukedeire works to meet the needs of these 25 children, there is a great need for help to meet all the needs of these children. When this project started, these children had nothing. Today, thank God, these children have a rented home, drinking water, food and access to education. We hope to help these children once again. It is necessary to buy bunk beds and mattresses due to the fact that many children sleep on the floor, just as it is necessary to buy mosquito nets to stop cases of malaria, which usually occur in the wettest months.

We are raising funds to address some of the many basic needs of these children.

We ask everyone who can help these little children.

About the author

The DCCP project is supported by some Portuguese volunteers, including a 21-year-old boy named Pedro Pinto.

Pedro has a degree in Marketing Management at IPAM Porto and has always shown interest in helping social causes. Since he had contact with Lukedeire and his project, he realized that he could somehow help these children. To this end, he decided to put his technological and marketing knowledge to use in this project.

Little progress has been made with the help of some volunteers, including the creation of a facebook page and a website with a view to promoting this project in Portugal. In addition, fundraising has now been used to leverage this project.

Budget and due dates

This budget aims to raise funds to improve the housing space of these children, improving their well-being and avoiding health problems.

Description of the application of funds:

  • Purchase of 4 bunk beds with three beds each (125 € per bunk with 3 beds x 4 = 500 €)
  • Purchase of 12 mattresses (€ 20 per individual mattress x 12 = € 240)
  • Purchase of mosquito nets to fight malaria (€ 8 x 25 individual nets = € 200)

* About 96 € is used to pay commissions to the platform.


Acquisition and transport of the materials purchased to the home of the Divine Children Care Project in December 2020.

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