Volunteer Programs in the Holy Land - 2018 edition
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Volunteer Programs in the Holy Land - 2018 edition

The Christian presence in the Holy Land is in danger of disappearing! This volunteer program aims to help seniors, children, sick and pilgrims to remain in their Land.

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The Christian presence in the Holy Land is in danger of disappearing! This volunteer program aims to help seniors, children, sick and pilgrims to remain in their Land.

The Christian presence in the Holy Land is in danger of disappearing! Christians, which are less than 2% of the total population, face discrimination at work, at school or in the neighborhood where they live, which is why they often hide their confession. For many of these Christians, the ultimate solution is to emigrate.

The Lieutancy of Portugal of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem intends to implement a volunteer program aimed to help seniors, children, sick and pilgrims in the Holy Land.

This campaign intends to raise support funds for the following projects:

  • Mission "Taybeh Health Center"

Taybeh, the only fully Christian village in the Holy Land, is in the center of Palestine and its inhabitants are surrounded by Muslim villages, Israeli settlements and military barriers. Its health center serves a population of 18,000 people from Taybeh and neighboring villages. One of the Portuguese volunteers, a cardiologist, will give specialized consultations to the most critical cases and strengthen the technical knowledge of health professionals in this area.

  • Mission "Beit Afram Home for the Elderly"

Beit Afram's Home for the Elderly provides the necessary care for the elderly, given the limited resources available for their food and medical needs. Two Portuguese volunteers will go on a mission to this home. One of the volunteers will meet the daily needs in the care of the elderly, regarding their daily hygiene, food and cognitive stimulation. The second volunteer will give training in humanized care to the elderly.

Lar de Idosos Beit Afram, Palestina

  • Mission "Summer Camp at the Monastery of Our Lady of Palestine in Deir Rafat"

There is a great need for summer camps that serve impoverished areas and / or conflict zones. It is intended that young people and children spend the summer in educational and recreational activities that develop a sense of trust, respect, understanding and empathy towards the other. Two young Portuguese volunteers will support the local religious community in the preparation and distribution of meals, laundry and cleaning service, as well as group animation.

  • Mission "Magdala"

Magdala has become, in recent years, a relevant pilgrimage center and is a unique place in the Holy Land, actively contributing to building positive relations between Jews and Christians. The 4 young Portuguese volunteers who will leave to Magdala will be responsible for ensuring the care of pilgrims, liturgical support and maintenance of buildings and grounds.

Magdala, Israel

About the author

The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem, founded in 1103, has, among other missions, to meet the needs of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem and to support activity and initiatives in favor of the Christian presence in the Holy Land. It is the only secular institution of the Vatican and one of the two Orders of Cavalry, historically and legally recognized by the Holy See.

This year, we are a group of 11 volunteers, aged 18-54, who have committed to delivering over three weeks to serve the people of the Holy Land through our direct involvement in concrete and diverse intervention projects. We are a team with different qualifications (medical doctors, university students, caregivers of elderly people, managers and counselors) for an intervention directed to different groups (elderly, children, sick and pilgrims from the Holy Land).

Budget and due dates

Budget: € 2500
Deadline: June 15, 2018

The required amount will be used to fund the following expenses of our 11 volunteers:

- Food

- Health Insurance

- Travel expenses in Israel and Palestine

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