StartUP STP - First Business Accelerator in São Tomé
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StartUP STP - First Business Accelerator in São Tomé

StartUp STP is the first business accelerator in São Tomé, co-created by NGO MOVE that aims to support new business ideas from local entrepreneurs, through training and strateg...

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StartUp STP is the first business accelerator in São Tomé, co-created by NGO MOVE that aims to support new business ideas from local entrepreneurs, through training and strategic support provided by our volunteers in the field.

StartUp STP  is the first business accelerator in São Tomé, co-created by NGO MOVE.

Our NGO strongly believes that entrepreneurship can be a great tool to promote development and fight poverty in developing countries. We believe that supporting the creation and growth of small local businesses can be fundamental.

StartUP STP helps, since January of this year, 8 new business ideias. Our entrepreneurs have access to a workplace, Internet, training and help to develop their business ideias. We may be looking towards 8 new enterprises in São Tomé and 20 new job posts!

Participate in this campaign and help make this ideia come true!


About the author

Move is a non governamental organization, founded in 2009, that believes in entrepreneurship as a tool for development.

Our goal is to put entrepreneurship at the service of development and help small local entrepreneurs develop their business. Our differenciating formula is based on training, consulting and micro-credit. As for our success it is based on the quality of our volunteers: strong willed graduate or soon to be graduate students.

Fighting poverty can be an ambitious goal, but it can be fulfilled by following a simple strategy - develop small entrepreneurs that start a business, create jobs and wealth. However, in developing countries these entrepreneurs face three problems: financing restrictions, low managing knowledge and low human capital. Move was created to help solve these three problems, by allowing our volunteers to be 6 months in the field: namely São Tomé, Timor-Leste and Mozambique, with the goal of promoting entrepreneurship, help develop businesses and train entrepreneurs in the skills they need. Each group of volunteers goes in June or January and stays until the next group arrives.


Budget and due dates

This campaign will guarantee the monitoring of StartUP STP and its entrepreneurs in 2016, provided by Move.
Move has estimated the budget for this monitoring at 8.000€. However, 3.000€ are still lacking to guarantee the stability of the project.
The value financed through this campaign will cover exclusively our operations in São Tomé, namely the housing expenses and all expenses related with the work of the volunteers with the entrepreneurs. It is also important to state that this financing will in no way pay personal expenses of the volunteers, since those expenses are covered directly by the volunteers.
This campaign will help guarantee the stability of this project, and help our volunteers and their work in StartUP STP.

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    Quarterly Report

    You will receive a quarterly report of StartUP STP, including all the progress made in each of the 8 projects we monitor.

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    Quarterly Report + Video

    Besides the Quarterly Report, you also receive a video from our entrepreneurs telling you how their work is progressing!

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    Sponsor StartUp STP

    Besides receiving the other offers, you become a Sponsor of StartUP STP. As a sponsor you will receive first-hand all the news from our Start Ups and you get to talk through skype with all its participants!

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    Sponsor StartUP STP + Exclusive Products from our Entrepreneurs

    Not only do you receive all the other offers, and become a Sponsor of our Project, you also receive an exclusive product from one of the local entrepreneurs Move helps in São Tomé. Actually, the first 10 people will receive a special offer. An 8GB wooden pen-drive, hand-crafted by a social enterprise that Move has helped growing. Shipment for Portugal is offered.

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    Reconhecimento e Gratidão

    É com muita satisfação que vejo mais um caso de sucesso através com o envolvimento do MOVE em S.Tome. Depois de ha uns anos, ter estado envolvido com alguma contribuição de bens materiais e financeiros para a concretização de alguns projectos ai desenvolvidos também através do MOVE, foi com muito prazer e carinho que voltei a fazer para esta vossa causa. Bem hajam e continuem a construir um MUNDO MELHOR:

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