II Ride adapted with Batec, for wheelchair users
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II Ride adapted with Batec, for wheelchair users

Help "OS RODINHAS" to carry out another wheelchair driven by a Batec. The wheelchair is not a prison, it helps us to "fly".

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Help "OS RODINHAS" to carry out another wheelchair driven by a Batec. The wheelchair is not a prison, it helps us to "fly".

2327/5000 We are a group of people with motor disabilities and we created a group that we called "THE RIMS OF COIMBRA"! This group was born with the intention of being able to organize together some activities that aim at the conviviality and the practice of adapted sport.

As we all moved in a wheelchair, and loved to live life intensely, we had to find a way to give more adrenaline to our way of life, that's when the Batec arose. The Batec is a wheelchair-mounted propulsion system that offers a 2-in-1 approach to our needs: a unique and revolutionary solution for the outdoor mobility it provides.

On 16-07-2017 we carried out the first tour adapted with Batec that connected the city of Coimbra to Figueira da Foz, a distance of 45km. This initiative was a success, so we want to repeat it this year. As it was the first time that an event of this type was organized in Portugal, the repercussion it had on people with the same problem as ourselves and not only was enormous, both in wheelchair elements and in friends who accompanied us by bicycle.

Through the course the comments were varied to the initiative where they highlight some like;

  • "... I never thought that I could ever come from Coimbra to Figueira da Foz in a wheelchair ..."
  • "... not even before the accident had I done this by bicycle, and now I'm doing it in a wheelchair ..."
  • "... this is surreal ..."
  • "... making this ride in the wheelchair is incredible, it's magic ..."

Now that we are already more users of Batec in Portugal and the calls for participation are enough, the costs also go up. If in the first edition we had the help of some friends, both private and business, this year and due to the large number of requests to participate, these small (large) support has become scarce. So we launched this campaign to help us make people happy with our initiative.

The tour to be held on 22-07-2018, will also have a motivational component, since it will connect Coimbra to the Rovisco Pais Rehabilitation Center in the Torch, and thus show the one who is hospitalized there, that for a misfortune of life also the put a wheelchair, life does not stop, but we have to live as if tomorrow was the best day of our lives!

About the author

"OS RODINHAS" are composed by:

- Paulo Cortez - tetraplegic by diving in the sea

- Rui Santos - paraplegic due to motorcycle accident

- Pedro Aguiar - paraplegic for trampling

We are 3 boys full of desire to live life in the best way and happy. We have tried to show that the stereotype of the wheelchair does not exist in us, so we try to bring many people like us to experience everything we can do to be happy.

CARPE DIEN is our motto of life.

Budget and due dates


Average of 50 people

  • TRAVEL KIT (water, energy bars, juices, fruit) - 350 €
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT MATERIAL (Air, tools, spray's analgesics) - 100 €
  • LUNCH - 450 € (9 € / person)
  • LOGISTICS - 250 €
  • EXPENSES - € 50

TOTAL = € 1600

The campaign will be worth € 1,750 taking into account the PPL commission

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