Ride to Freedom-6000 km through europe to save orphans
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Ride to Freedom-6000 km through europe to save orphans

Riding 6000 kilometres between London and Moscow, from 01 July to 03 September, in an initiative called Ride 2 Freedom.

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Riding 6000 kilometres between London and Moscow, from 01 July to 03 September, in an initiative called Ride 2 Freedom.

The next day July 1 will start a ride organized from cyclists who will depart from London and will end in Moscow on the day 3 of September, covering several countries in Europe.

This event occurs on the similarity that was organized in the USA from coast to coast.

The purpose of the Ride is to call the attention of the Europeans to the gross violations of human rights and individual freedoms that continue to happen in the world, with special focus to the Chinese Government's persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

Along the way, will occur several sessions and meetings of clarification on the practice of Falun Gong and appeals about human rights violations. For this purpose, will be contacted celebrities in the world of culture and politics.

Portugal's participation in this international meeting is still small, but it's up to me to take the role of Ambassador and representative of our country (Portugal).

Consequently, I need your support for the dissemination of this mega event, in the media and to raise sponsorship. 

About the author

Miguel Eusébio, 23 years old, student at University of traditional Chinese medicine, graduated in 1st Dan black belt in the Japanese martial art Shorinji Kempo with 1st Degree of training Coach of Shorinji Kempo. Practice Falun Gong since 2012, a practice of spiritual improvement. Participated in several groups and voluntary activities such as Scouts, Food Bank, Church Groups, Voluntify, etc. 

This journey of 6000 km is the result of a continuous effort to increase the necessary political and popular support to end the persecution from16 years until today of Falun Dafa in China, and rescue the lonely and homeless orphans who this pursuit generates daily.

Budget and due dates

The budget was limited to 5000 Euros idealizing the support only of the Portuguese Ambassador on this project but all donations and any amounts above this value for this project will be an asset to this project. The Ride starts 1 July 2016 expected reach the minimum amount of 5000 Euros before that date.

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    The names of supporters will be released with a huge thank you to European level for all countries where the Ride To Freedom project make it through and on Facebook.

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    offer of exclusive photos of the trip

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Sun, 12/06/2016 - 01:14

1ª Doação!!!! Mega Obrigado!!!!

Um sincero Muito Obrigado à primeira apoiante. Obrigado Tia Sérgia :)

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    Uma iniciativa que vale muito a pena apoiar!

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