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Buy a 3D printer and provide printing services for 3D in the area of my city.

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Buy a 3D printer and provide printing services for 3D in the area of my city.

At a time that is more and more difficult in Portuguese society is necessary projects that point to the future in an innovative way in which the return is measured not only in money but also in ! Know how " and innovative products.

We can not let the new technologies of industrial manufacturing pass us by  we have to do what we can do to be part of it with inovative products services and companies. 

With this line of thinking I count on your help to start a new project in the line of 3d printing so my current goal is buy a 3D printer and provide printing services for 3D in the area of my city. Provide support for innovative projects in 3d , I intend to provide services at a competitive price, put the city on the map of new technologies with an innovative company in the dissemination and training in new industrial production methods.

Join me the future is made today.

Printing area: max 230 mm x 230 mm x 125 mm* (X/Y/Z) - *without heated printing bed Speed: up to 350mm/s (idle up to180mm/s) Operating voltage: 220/115V AC voltage Material: ABS / PLA / PS / PVA / Laywood (wooden filament) / Laybrick

About the author

My Name is Ricardo Carvalho and i m for more then 20 year on IT bussiness. 

i have experience in managing projecto of IT infrastruture is this is a new project for me.


Budget and due dates

60 days to get the funding and 30 more to start producing goods and services. After 1000 euros the project will start.
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