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Porto Storytellers For All

Bringing children and elderly people in need to Porto Storytellers.

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Bringing children and elderly people in need to Porto Storytellers.

Cities are made of stories and history. They are woven by the life of the concrete and simple people who inhabit it. A vast intangible heritage that must be made accessible.

Here’s the dream that moved us to create the Porto Storytellers. To use the context of a beautiful, rich and dense city to create a new narrative. The telling of the people, their stories, their dilemmas, etc. To open another window to look at the city in a playful, humorous and creative way.

Based on texts by Manuel Couto (history researcher) and with Rui Spranger's staging (well-known actor of the city) we challenged professional actors to "incarnate" four typical characters of our history who represent four different way of living of our city: a nun, a liberal soldier, a merchant and a fisherman. All representing fundamental pillars of construction and understanding of the city.

From the first moment we tried to think of this project as alive and dynamic. For this reason the project has evolved: gained other forms; although thought for tourists, we saw more interest and demand on the part of portuguese, especially of schools - valuing its playful and didactic character. 

Until we were challenged to make Porto Storytellers inclusive. Some NGO’s questioned us how they could integrate their beneficiaries into this activity. In reality, NGO’s can with great effort and merit supply the basic needs of those they welcome. But what about the rest? Should not these children, adults and elderly also have access to what others have?

The crowdfunding campaign "Porto Storytellers For Everyone" is our answer to this question. A little contribution from EVERYONE so that Porto Storytellers can be for EVERYONE, in other words, multiple donations from people or institutions to make memorable one morning of these children, adults and elderly.

We are aware that the goal we set ourselves is ambitious. It involves taking 600 participants to this activity, bearing the cost of transportation, the cost of the actors, a small snack and a booklet of the activity per participant. However, we believe that the dimension of the problem must compel us ALL to this ambition, since it is a reality that challenges us ALL.

Nevertheless, if we do not reach 600, we will be happy because 200, 100, or even 20 will do the activity. There are purposes that transcend metrics, and for us, this is one of them. So we are very grateful if you will grant us your contribution, regardless of whether we have reached the goal we set ourselves. If we can only gather 260 euros, there will be 20 children who will have a very different and memorable morning. In reality, for those children the Porto Storytellers For All campaign was fulfilled.

We count on your contribution so that Porto Storytellers become for everyone.

About the author

Porto Storytellers is a PORTGALL project. PORTGALL - TURISMO EXPERIENCIAL, LDA is a startup founded in 2013, specialized in creative and experiential tourism. Turismo de Portugal, IP granted PORTGALL the Declaration of Interest for Tourism (47/2013), of July 5, 2013, and is also supported by the QREN in the scope of the Incentive System for Innovation (Entrepreneurship) for its contribution to the Innovation of the business fabric.

PORTGALL it is licensed to work in tourism by the regulatory body of the activity in Portugal (Turismo de Portugal), with registration RNATT - 04/2014, and respects all legal requirements.

PORTGALL managers have always thought of this project in a plural way, that is, as a project that could integrate the NGO's and other institutions that wanted to join us, allowing us to reach more beneficiaries in this way.

In general, the NGO's that we aproached, enthusiastically accepted this project and helped us to understand how to best fit it to the specific needs of its beneficiaries. Of those we highlight:

  • Acreditar;
  • CrescerSer (Casas do Vale e Cedofeita);
  • Instituto do Bom Pastor;
  • Lar Marista;
  • AAPC (Associação de Apoio a Pessoas com Cancro);
  • Aldeia de Crianças SOS de Gulpilhares;
  • Abraço (Delegação Norte);
  • AMI (Porta Amiga de Vila Nova de Gaia).
  • Fundação Vítor Baía
  • Obra do Padre Grilo

In the meantime, while we announce this campaign other NGOs are getting in contact with us to join the initiative, which naturally please us.

PORTGALL's top manager is Luis Campos - graduated in economics from the Faculdade de Economia do Porto and holds an MBA - Master in Business and Administration.

The project Porto Storytellers, besides having Manuel Couto's historical research and Rui Spranger's staging, counts with the following actors: Andreia Lopes, Joana Cruz, Margarida Dias, Paulo Monteiro and Teresa Faria. Professional actors with curriculum in acting performance.

Budget and due dates

For the number of children we intend to reach, the project will budge at € 7.800. It is scheduled to start in July and runs until October. Below is a list of all expenses associated with the project:

  • Video production and dissemination: € 945
  • Actors: € 1.600
  • Booklet production: 480 €
  • Child transport: € 3.000
  • Snacks: € 840
  • Expenses to send thanks: € 317
  • PPL costs and commissions: € 618
  • Total: € 7.800
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    Thank you Porto Storytellers + Project Newsletter Subscription

    Support with 5 euros or more and get a personal thank you on Porto Storytellers facebook page and Website. After the end of the crowdfunding campaign you can also follow up everything, since the implementation of the project until its closure, through the Porto Storytellers Para Todos Newsletter.

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    Thank you from a child, adult or elderly + Previous Reward

    Support with 13 euros or more and receive the thanks from a child (adult or elderly) for the experience that your support has provided (shipping costs supported by Portgall). You will also have the previous reward.

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    Souvenir Character Porto Storytellers + Previous Rewards

    If you support with 20 euros you will receive a souvenir from a Porto Storytellers character (video of an actor/character thanking you for your contribution) plus the previous rewards.

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    Two Porto Storytellers Tickets + Previous Rewards

    If you support with 35 euros you will have the opportunity to bring someone with you to attend to a Porto Storytellers session. You will also have the previous rewards.

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    Workshop Storytelling + First 3 Rewards

    Support with 50 euros and participate in a four-hour storytelling workshop with an actor from Porto Storytellers. You will also have the first 3 rewards.

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    60€ or more

    Stories of history with Manuel Couto + First 3 Rewards

    Support with 60 euros and you will have the opportunity to walk through the most historical places of the city of Porto with the historian Manuel Couto, who will tell you the stories of history. You will also be entitled to the first 3 rewards.

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    Thank you panel + Special Thanks in Porto Storytellers facebook/webpage + First 4 Rewards

    Support with 300 euros and receive a panel painted together by 25 children, thanking you for the experience you have provided them. You will also have a special thank you on Porto Storytellers website/facebook, in the form of a publish about yourself or about your company. You will also be entitled to the first 4 rewards.

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    Sinto uma enorme admiração por ver acontecer este tipo de iniciativas. Parabéns. Bem hajam.

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    Que bom ver organizações a levarem a cabo este tipo de iniciativas!! Espectacular!!!

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    Boa iniciativa !

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    Votos de sucesso para o promotor.

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    Boa sorte para a campanha

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    Uma boa alternativa para levar um pouco de cultura para aqueles mais desfavorecidos. E ao mesmo tempo proporcionar uma excelente tarde para eles.

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    Gostei do projecto.

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    Bem hajam! Desejo-vos as maiores felicidades.