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Tents for all!

Fund raising campaign to purchase at least 35 tents and sleeping bags. Our goal – to shelter at least 140 refugees from the cold and rain each night in Serbia

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Fund raising campaign to purchase at least 35 tents and sleeping bags. Our goal – to shelter at least 140 refugees from the cold and rain each night in Serbia

“Não te refugies” is a joint endeavour between Serbian and Portuguese people with a common intention of helping the migrating refugees in Serbia. Once the priority needs of the migrating population were identified by local teams and non-governmental organizations, especially the Red Cross - warm clothes, hygiene items, tents and sleeping bags – the campaign to collect them began.

The whole project is non-profitable and based on volunteering. All help, individual or corporative, is welcome.

This initiative has received the vital support of the Serbian Embassy in Portugal.

The response from the Portuguese people has been amazing. However, it has been very difficult to get tents and sleeping bags, quite essential to protect from the harsh winter ahead.

Montecampo has generously offered to provide camping tents large enough to accommodate 3-4 people and sleeping bags fit to face the Serbian weather, at cost-price.

This initiative intends to meet these needs and contribute to the well-being and dignity of all refugees. Your contribution will allow the purchase of tents and sleeping bags, which will greatly improve the living conditions of thousands of refugees. Each tent that is purchased will provide temporary shelter to many people, protecting them from the wind, the cold, the rain, the snow, and also allowing them some privacy.

One tent alone (depending on its period of use) will approximately affect the lives of 120 people a month, 720 people every six months, 1440 a year.

Once we reach our final goal, we will have provided shelter to:

1 day         -      140 people

1 month        -   4 200 people

6 months    -   25 200 people

1 year        -    51 100 people


… maybe more!

About the author

Non-profitable, volunteering community gathered to help the refugee population in Serbia, through the distribution of donations from Portugal.

It all started with Jorge (José Jorge Sá) and Milica (Bogdanov), soon joined by  Lígia (Pinto) and Bárbara (Seabra) and then Bruno and Zé, Marina, Cristóvão, Adelaide, Nuno, Quim, Maria, Inês...and suddenly 2000 people.

It’s us, it’s you, ordinary people you meet everyday, who decided to change words into actions this time.

More information in"Não te Refugies"

Surrounded by a world of intentions, you sometimes get to the point of taking a definite step forward, with the hope of opening new tracks for many others.


“Não te refugies” is that step… ours… yours…

Budget and due dates

Budget: all money raised will be used to purchase 35 tents and sleeping bags. Any additional money will be used to buy more tents.
The transportation of the tents and sleeping bags to the “Não te refugies” warehouse will be gracefully carried out by Montecampo.
All goods will be transported to Serbia by “Não te refugies” in collaboration with international transportation companies.

Deadline: 30 november 2015
Advertising: email and facebook
The following events are included in “Não te refugies”:
-Article published in Jornal Novo (Valongo)
-Article published in Jornal Público (http://www.publico.pt/sociedade/noticia/sao-pessoas-iguais-a-mim-que-tinham-uma-vida-mais-ou-menos-normal-1709164)
-Interview for Antena 1 (SOS refugiados in 03.11.2015)
-Currently expecting an interview for Porto Canal

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