Molinhas- A jump to America, an achievement for Portugal
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Molinhas- A jump to America, an achievement for Portugal

Rope Skipping athletes, current European champions in teams, have the mission of representing Portugal in the World Jump Rope Championship 2018. CRST-Molinhas Team seeks help w...

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Rope Skipping athletes, current European champions in teams, have the mission of representing Portugal in the World Jump Rope Championship 2018. CRST-Molinhas Team seeks help with travel costs to Orlando, United States of America.

We are athletes of the CRST-Molinhas Rope Skipping Team, the only one in Portugal dedicated exclusively to this sport. Rope Skipping is a sport that joins the art of jumping rope with the grace of gymnastics and even dance. There’s the competitive side, but also the show, which in previous years led us to the semi-finals of the TV program Got Talent Portugal.  We are now lunching this campaign because we aim to participate in the World Jump Rope Championship 2018 in Orlando, USA.

Molinhas Rope Skipping Team is searching for support to show up in this competition with 2 different teams (a total of 10 athletes, all of them owners of national titles, and also some international ones).

The inherent expenses are related to flights, accommodation and food, as well the enrollment cost in the event, which are, definitely, unbearable for the club.

The Portuguese Association of Rope Skipping helps us paying of part of the registration in the competition, but still, for the other expenses we need YOUR help.

And why is it worth believing in us and in our dream?

Because besides being the national champions of the sport, we are also the European champions of masters teams and have between us the European champion of the 30seconds event.  In addiction, we are European record breakers and holders in both individual and double dutch speed events.

If you believe in us, we’ll jump at this opportunity and make the Portugal’s anthem sound loud at the Arena of Central Florida University.

About the author

Molinhas is a Rope Skipping team originated in the Caldas das Taipas’ school, located in Guimarães, Portugal.

The group’s first participation in a competition was in 2009, in the 1st National Rope Skipping Championship, organized by the Portuguese Gymnastics Federation (Coimbra). Its’ results were already highlighted in this initial competition, in which Molinhas collected all the gold, silver and bronze medals in single rope events, as well as the gold medal for double dutch.

The group continued to grow and quickly realized that, in order to be able to get specific support and for the development of the modality, it was mandatory creating a club specifically dedicated to Rope Skipping, and thus, at the beginning of the 2014/2015 season, the first Portuguese club was officially raised, dedicated exclusively to this sport:  Clube de Rope Skipping das Taipas (CRST-Molinhas Rope Skipping Team).

Currently, the team has about 60 affiliated athletes participating in national competitions, including even 7 athletes with regular attendance in international competitions.

With the participation in the World Jump Rope Championship 2016, in Braga, the Molinhas’ jumpers got already 17 medals for Portugal (3 gold, 7 silver and 7 bronze). Already in 2017, in Orlando, Portugal won 15 medals with the performance of some athletes of this club. In the European Rope Skipping Championship, held in Braga (still in 2017), Molinhas’ jumpers won another 10 medals - individually and as a team.

Budget and due dates

Costs and deadlines:


Expenses: flight to Orlando, accommodation, food and registration in the competition.



Porto (July 30th) – Orlando

Orlando (August 10th)- Porto

= +- 880€ per athlete


Packages (accommodation, food and registration) per athlete = 680€ each

Costs per athlete: 1560€

Costs to the team: 1560x10 = 15600€

We are asking for 5000€.

Time period: from January 5st to March 5st

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    Thank you e-mail

    Thank you very much for your support! We’ll send you a gratitude e-mail and we’ll also post a video in our Facebook page.

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    Autographed picture

    If you donate 15€, you’ll receive a photography of a competitive moment, autographed by the athletes.

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    Molinhas’ t-shirt

    If you donate 25€, you’ll get a public acknowledgement and a Molinhas’ t-shirt.

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    Professional rope for speed events

    If you donate 35€, you’ll get a professional rope, similar to the ones we use in our speed events.

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    Freestyle single rope + Tutorial

    For 50€, you’ll get a Freestyle single rope, similar to the ones we use in our competitions, and we’ll send you (by e-mail) a video teaching you 10 tricks to do with that rope

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    Workshop/Rope Skipping training

    For 300€, you’ll have access to an workshop/Rope Skipping training, focused on the different areas of the sport (Double dutch, speed and freestyle) conducted by athletes who take place in the national team.

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