Found’s for Mitzy operation
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Found’s for Mitzy operation

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Need help

Hello everyone!

I hereby come to you for your help! Because on the 8th of February, my Dog was able to escape from the house when we opened the door to get out and there was a street cat that we did not realize she saw him and leave the door behind him! We spent about 6 hours looking for her! When the police called us to say they found her but she had been run over! We went to the Veterinarian where we were told that she had a displaced hip and they would try to put it in the place without having to do operation! But unfortunately on February 20, he left the site again! We went with her to the vet and we were told that after all it would have to be operated because it was a large dog and it was not worth doing what was done previously that would leave again!

Yesterday, February 28, they called to say that they already had what it took to operate to get Tondela to Vetdinha! We were told that the operation raises the 600 and little euros! And then the Rx, Analysis and the recovery days you will have to stay there all will give about 1000 euros! Unfortunately I do not have this money I'm unemployed 6 months ago and only my husband works! Please, all help is life! Today for me tomorrow for you! If you wish you can call the Vet to confirm the numbers are 232 813 727 and 962 641 457

About the author

My name is Stephanie! At the moment I am unemployed for about 6 months and only my husband is who works we have a 3 year old boy! Mitzy is very important to us and especially to our son who has been with her since he was a baby! She's family! We found her in Canada as a baby and fell in love with it as soon as we saw it and knew it had to belong to our family!

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