Portuguese mission on Greece With refugees
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Portuguese mission on Greece With refugees

Our Missions' aim is to take winter kits to refugees living in the streets of Athens. Actually, thousands of people, to whom the passing to Macedonia and others countries is not...

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Our Missions' aim is to take winter kits to refugees living in the streets of Athens. Actually, thousands of people, to whom the passing to Macedonia and others countries is not allowed because they are not syrian, are being sent back to Athens, where they need urgent help. We need to buy basic supplies such as: food, winter garments, rain coats, boots, underwear. Our group of volunteers is formed by cultural mediators (syrian students in Portugal), reporters, teachers, free lancers and al...

We will be acting in Athens, where refugees arrive coming from islands like Lesvos, Leros, Kos, etc., on their way to Macedonian border. Also, those who are not syrians, are being sent back to the greek capital, since they are not being accepted to enter neighbour countries.

The situation is serious. Helping the refugees there, is also a big help to greek population.

Thank you so much for your cooperation!

About the author

Bravery Available is how we translate our name to english. Originaly we are Coragem Disponível, an association that works with both refugees and migrant comunities living in Portugal.

We promote a lot of events to debate the refugee crises in Europe, specially with teenagers, where the doubt is bigger than other generations. We are here to fight against any form os discrimination. To help without questioning about where people come from.

Let us all be brave to join hands and build a better world!

Budget and due dates

Our first mission will be on the ground from:

- 26 to 31/12/2015
- 02 to 07/01/2016

1 euro per person is already a great help!
Help us to spread the word, and get as many winter kits as we can!
Please share our project!

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    Win a postcard with a message from one of the refugees we will help!

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    Come to Portugal and share one of our moments we have of fun and storytelling between different cultures. The tickets include meals and a whole day of love and affection!

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    If you are a company, send us your logo and it will be on our facebbok page, as well as on the oficial equipment of our team, in every event we promote.

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    Formation on multicultural bondage

    Join our program that makes us all learn a little bit more about other cultures, traditions and religious beliefs. Together we can discover each other, and make a great comunity, sharing love and true friendship.

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