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Missão País FLUL 2014

Although Missão País Project involves several faculties all over Portugal, this specific project is organized by a single group of students from Faculdade de Letras da Universid...

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Although Missão País Project involves several faculties all over Portugal, this specific project is organized by a single group of students from Faculdade de Letras da Universid...

Although Missão País Project involves several faculties all over Portugal, this specific project is organized by a single group of students from Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa (FLUL - School of Arts and Humanities, Lisbon University), responsible for the mission in Castelo de Vide, which will occurr from February 1st to February 8th of 2015.

Missão País is a catholic organization which organizes and develops one-week volunteering experiences, providing a unique opportunity for young students all over the country to give the best of them and turn to those who live lonelier or those who need the most. 

Each faculty sums in its mission up to 40 volunteers. They settle in a district for a week, usually in the innerland. Divided in smaller groups, they serve several institutions: old people's homes, elementary schools, prisions, Misericordia, marginilized communities, trying to help in what the can and giving the most of their presence and life witnessing. The missionaries visit the people on their homes, especially those who live lonelier, to make same company or even helping them in harder chores, even if they didn't know each other at the first place. There's also a lot of street animation with music and different organized activities, always aiming to involve as most locals as possible, to show them youth's strength and delivrance. The peek of the week is with a huge theatre, performed by our missionaries and also with a praying vigil open to all people interested, where the value of Faith is shown.


Last year on Missão FLUL Castelo de Vide 2014...

On the social work:

  • Social animation was carried out and personal relationships were strengthened in three old people's homes;
  • Different acitivities and dynamics were developped in both parts of the Elementary School, motivating children towards criativity and love on learning;
  • Pastoral activity was dynamized on a daily-basis;
  • A local, young missionary group was motivated and formed .

On a formative path:

  • Unto our new missionaries was promoted this week the sense of citizenship and solidarity, forming a new group of civically active young people.


The Mission FLUL 2015 will be the third in Castelo de Vide and will continue for the year in a new location in Portugal. This year we will have a new team of 40 motivated young missionaries!

This year we have new challenges but also basic needs that need to be fullfilled, such as meals and transportation. A contribution, however small, can make all the difference!

About the author

Nationally Missão País already has two regional coordinators (North and South). With no institutional status, Missão País works as a project in terms of extending their missions to new faculties and as a central organization that provides support to all existing faculties' Missions.

For that to happen there are Mission Team Leaders of Missão FLUL 2015, responsible for overall logistics and financing (generals-in-chief), the logistics on the ground and food (Heads of Service), the spiritual component of the week (Heads of Prayer) and by socio-cultural activities, by performing a theater for local people (Heads of Theatre)

The leaders of Missão FLUL 2015 (generals-in-chief) are two students from the University of Lisbon (Estudos Gerais) majoring in FLUL - Teresa R. Andrade (Major in Communication and Culture) and Peter Franco (Major in Philosophy). It is from them that the organization logistics and financing begins.

Budget and due dates

Once a mission mobilizes and hosts about 50 university students for a week, there are several basic and comfort needs to fullfill. Here we enounce the main aid that seem most urgent to carry out this initiative, and for which the donations will be moved: Food Program: Each mission costs a daily breakfast scheme / lunch / dinner about 3 €. Expenses are about 1500 € and can be minimized if they are in the data some food-oriented support. Transportation Program: The transportation (both to and back from Castelo de Vide) can be done in two ways: either in a rented van for this purpose, or in private cars. Having regard to the fuel used and the tolls, the latter option will cost about 350/400 €. [In case it is made on a rented van the lowest price offered by a transport company is around € 680.] Additional expenses: In this field, we essentially rely on gas for cooking and heating, representing a cost of around 100/120 €. Thus it is necessary to provide about 2000 € for this initiative to be carried out. Each missionary contributes with a value of around 15 €. However we're missing about € 1,350 in order to accomplish Missão FLUL Castelo de Vide 2015. Given possible sponsorships, € 600 seems to us the right amount obtainable from this form of financing. Starting the mission in early February we will have as a deadline that same month, in order to ensure on time project operations.
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