Luz FC in the 1st District Division of Lisbon!
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Luz FC in the 1st District Division of Lisbon!

After going up to the 1st district division of Lisbon in Senior Futsal, we looked for everyone's help to guarantee the necessary funds to enroll the team and achieve this histor...

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After going up to the 1st district division of Lisbon in Senior Futsal, we looked for everyone's help to guarantee the necessary funds to enroll the team and achieve this historic goal next season!

We are going to take Luz FC to the 1st district division of Lisbon in Senior Futsal.

After a historic season in 2019/20, where we achieved the promotion to the 1st division and the cup semi-finals, the Covid crisis dictated a more difficult outcome than we could have predicted. Without enough support to face the new season, we are close to losing the great opportunity to play in the 1st District Division of Lisbon.

The funds we are looking for are intended to cover the expenses arising from registration, training, insurance and sports equipment for the futsal team. On the one hand, the health restrictions that we face today, dictated the inability to generate revenue through the organization of sporting and recreational events with our supporters, on the other hand the economic crisis in various sectors of society made the mission of obtaining sponsorships even more difficult. Public institutions plagued by other priorities also tend not to have a sufficient response to all the requests they face in the sporting and associative sphere.

For this reason, we count on the help of the family that we have been building, namely our relatives, friends, athletes, leaders and the whole community of Former Students of Colégio Militar and the parish of Carnide who know the spirit of this club so well.

Thank you!

About the author

Luz Futebol Clube was founded on March 3, 2014 with the aim of becoming the sports reference of the community of former students of Colégio Militar, family, friends and supporters of the parish of Carnide. We have been working for 6 years to create the best sporting and recreational conditions to bring together athletes and supporters within a unified and cooperative family.

Since our foundation, we have enrolled more than 100 athletes, coaches and managers in different competitions, sports and teams, namely: 3 Senior 11 Football teams, 4 Senior Futsal teams, 1 Running team.

In addition to our activity, we also organized several events, namely: 3 editions of the AAACM Tournament with more than 200 participants, commemorative game of the 3rd of March, Christmas dinners and raffle raffles.

Know more about us at

Budget and due dates

The funds raised will be fully used to cover expenses directly related to the next sports season. No salaries or awards were considered for athletes, coaches or managers. The eventual budgetary surplus resulting from other support or sponsorship that may be raised, will be channeled to the following sports season.

Senior Futsal sports budget - Season 2020/21
Heading Value Comments
Training Field € 900.0 1 workout / week / 8 months
Equipment € 220.0 Replacement of the damaged
Training Materials € 200.0 Renewal training balls (x10)
Competition registration € 250.0 Inatel 1st Division team registration
Sports insurance € 400.0 Individual sports insurance
Players Membership € 280.0 Individual sports membership
Club Membership € 25.0 Sports club membership
Platform commissions € 276.8 Crowdfunding Commissions
Crowdfunding Awards € 250.0 Scarves, membership cards, Raffles, etc.
Others € 150.0 Bank, IT, Accounting, etc
Total € 2 951.8  
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    Here goes Raffle

    No help is too small! And in order not to go empty-handed, you win a raffle and qualify for a prize at the end!

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    Now you are a real fan

    As it could not be otherwise, from this value all contributions are worth a membership fee. With a card and everything!

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    Fan, but with scarf

    In addition to becoming a partner, you are entitled to our scarf. We don't want anyone on the bench with empty hands!

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    Family of Fans

    It's like on sales: you pay 2 packs of 3 kits with cards and scarves for the whole family! (You already have a Christmas present).

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    Great tribute

    In addition to the partner kit, a special invitation for the debut match is waiting for you, with the right to pay homage before the game.

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    Honor board

    In addition to the membership kit, you will have your name eternalized at the clubhouse. One day we will play champions, and your photo will have been the first.

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    You are our sponsor

    With such a contribution, the least we could do was put your name / logo on the equipment, on the website and on social networks.

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    You are the main sponsor

    Your name / logo will watch all the moments of glory first hand! The front of the jersey and the biggest highlight on the website and social networks are yours.

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    Naming Team

    If thanks to you we will live the dream of playing in the 1st division, then we will be happy to play with your name next to ours.

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