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The “Kuduristas of Caparica” are an informal group of people who dance Kuduro & Afro House by the window of those who need it most in order to fight the social isolation and lon...

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The “Kuduristas of Caparica” are an informal group of people who dance Kuduro & Afro House by the window of those who need it most in order to fight the social isolation and loneliness through dance. Now, they want to go further!

The “Kuduristas da Caparica" by Miguel Graça are an informal group of people who dance Kuduro & Afro House by the windows of the “Grannies” of their community, in the municipality of Almada, dedicating rhythms to those who need it most. Created very recently, in January 2021, the group and project aim to transform the world through dance, but for that, they need to go further: we want to reach more windows in Portugal!

Social isolation and loneliness are very current issues, especially in times of pandemic and mandatory confinement. Probably, the elderly population is the most affected by this new reality and the group has never been indifferent to this fact. United by their strengths and knowledge, they started dancing for the “grannies” of their territory, also giving movement to the networks and integrating an already existing project called “Não Estamos Sós” ("We are not alone"), promoted by the Social Center of Trafaria (Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Almada).

"Rebentou!" (Blasted!) The "Kuduristas da Caparica" started the “window visits” on January 18th and the result has been incredible: in less than a week, these actions doubled the number of “grannies” on the list (from four to eight windows); added new “spectators” to it, their neighbors; and gained more than 200,000 video views online!

The short-term goal (3 months) is to further increase the network of "kuduristas from the heart", thus multiplying the impact and reach of this project. By associating dance with a very concrete purpose - to fight against the isolation and loneliness of the elderly, our experience has shown us that some dance steps can really cheer and change people's day, but for that it is important to grow, in order to become a larger group and reach more locations.

Through door-to-door dance performances, in a safe and responsible way, "Kuduristas da Caparica" promise to get Portugal moving, giving rhythm to the promotion of active aging, intergenerational meetings, art, social inclusion, interculturality and community participation through Kuduro in the feet and a lot of rhythm in the heart! Are we counting on you for this dance?


About the author

Miguel, Joana, Diana, Rafaela and Gonçalo are totally different people, but all the same when it comes to their love for dance and social causes. Everyone lives on the south bank of the Tagus, some were already friends and others only met because of the dance.

The Kudurista Miguel is the instructor and choreographer of the group. He is 25 years old, has a contagious energy and dances Kuduro since he was a child. He was born in Portugal, but his roots are originated in São Tomé.

The Kudurista Joana, aged 33, has been working in the area of community development and social innovation for over ten years and has always liked to create and do things “out of the box”. She never imagined being an apprentice of Kuduro & Afro House, but the truth is that in September 2020 she joined this adventure with Diana.

The Kudurista Diana, 32, is a researcher in Art Sciences and possibly the greatest dancer of all the apprentices in the Caparica group. She is a Flamenco dancer and this year will also start her journey at the folkloric ranch!

The Kudurista Rafaela is 34 years old, is a formal Psychologist, an English teacher and Victor's mother. She brought the rhythm of samba on her feet, from Brazil to Portugal, but Kuduro mixed it all up!

The Kudurista Gonçalo is the youngest of the group! At the age of 24, he is a tourist animator, was a lifeguard, is passionate about human relations and the most knowledgeable about networks. The video that went viral was filmed by him!

The Kuduristas Diana, Gonçalo and Joana already collaborated in a community-based tourism initiative, in Trafaria. One of the activities they developed was the “Avós do Mar” (Grannies of the Sea), a culinary experience, in partnership with the Centro Social da Trafaria (CST-SCMA), whose objective is to promote active aging through tourism.

Until the pandemic arrived, everything seemed perfect... but it wasn't! In light of the obligation to go home, Gonçalo and Joana volunteered to be part of the “Não Estamos Sós” ("We are not alone") project, an initiative promoted by CST, which consisted of home visits to “grandparents”.

If COVID had not arrived, eventually our availability would have been different and Kuduro would not have appeared in the group's life! It was the impossibility of working in person, as well as the inevitable delay in their individual projects, which allowed the “Kuduristas da Caparica” to form.

Kuduro & Afro House classes started in September 2020, in Costa da Caparica and meanwhile, reached Rafaela, Gonçalo and other students. In January 2021, with the new mandatory confinement, the Day Center closed its doors again and the elderly were forced to return home. So, the “Não Estamos Sós” ("We are not alone") project again made sense, but this time the proposal was different: instead of simple conversations, why not take the dance to the windows?


Budget and due dates

Budget that includes the months of February, March and April, at a pace of 4 days a week visiting the windows.


€ 500

Nationally made merchandising for the 5 members of the group


€ 600

3 months of transportation for the five Kuduristas through the municipality of Almada


€ 2000

3 months of food expenses for the five Kuduristas

Project communication, management and implementation

€ 2,000

3 months for the development of a pilot project, formalization of the initiative and production of communication materials

Total financial pace

€ 5,100

Thank you!


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