How many kilometers of dreams will we achieve?
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How many kilometers of dreams will we achieve?

Manuel will try to make his dream of running “the hardest and toughest endurance ultra-trail run in the World” – the Tor des Géants. To make it more meaningful he decided to j...

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Manuel will try to make his dream of running “the hardest and toughest endurance ultra-trail run in the World” – the Tor des Géants. To make it more meaningful he decided to join his dream to the dreams of three children. For that he associated himself with Terra dos Sonhos (Land of Dreams - non-profit organization) to make the dreams of Rodrigo, Alex and João come true.

The “Tor des Géants” – Race of the Giants, is a non-stop mountain trail run, of 330km and maximum duration of 150h (6 days ½). It happens from 13th to 20th of September in Courmayeur, at the heart of the Italian Alps. It’s a round trip around the Aosta Valley, going through the 25 mountain peaks of this valley above 2.000m, some above 3.000m on a total of 24.000m ascent. It is called the “the hardest and toughest endurance ultra-trail run in the World”.

Manuel has the dream of finishing this race and decided to match his dream to the dreams of three children. For that purpose he associated himself to Terra dos Sonhos to make the dreams of Rodrigo, João and Alex, all with chronicle diseases, come true.

Rodrigo can walk by himself without help but as the disease evolves, he starts to show some difficulties when making some movements and gets easily tired. João is 10 years old. About a year ago he recovered from his illness, revealing himself to be a brave warrior for believing in his recovery, making all the treatments he went through look so easy. Sadly, his recent results showed a regression.


Rodrigo and João share the same dream: meet the Disney characters, for they are the living proof that we can make all our dreams come true, just like Walt Disney did. Talk to Mickey Mouse, laugh with Goofy or just dance with Snow White are always a delight to children and even to their parents. Now, imagine what this would mean to someone who needs to increase their possibilities and widen their land of dreams. Let’s help them make this dream come true?

Alex is 9 years old, he loves Ricardo Araújo Pereira (a Portuguese comedian) and listens every day to “Mixórdia de Temáticas”, a radio show on Rádio Comercial, and he  gets really excited when RAP and Nuno Markl talk on the show. He loves cars, especially if it’s a Mercedes. His biggest dream is to visit the Mercedes Benz plant and we want his dream to come true!


 Help to make this dreams become a reality as a way to show to Rodrigo, João and Alex that there is hope when talking about the possibility of achieving their most inspiring goals, taking them beyond their circumstances, constraints and limitations. We know, by experience, that these small great moments  can strengthen these three children and their families to go through these hard times. Contribute with your km of dreams!

About the author

Manuel Maria Correia is an IT Engineer by profession working for an American multinational company. He is the father of three children.

He has been running since 2007, accomplishing a running average of 2.000km a year and as many on his bike.

He has completed nine marathons, including some of the Majors: New York, Chicago, Berlin or Paris and Stockholm. Besides that he has also completed twenty-two ultra-marathons, of which 6 with more than 100km, such as the iconic Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (Chamonix), MIUT (Madeira Island Ultra Trail), g2ehundiak (Basque Country), Mitic (Andorra) and the Eiger Trail (Grindelwald – Switzerland).
Running, in particular mountain running, brings to Manuel the balance that helps him in all areas of his life. The personal satisfaction, resilience and the balance between family and work have been his highest motivation to keep this “ultra-healthy addiction”. Still, he wants to go far and beyond and also contribute to the happiness of those in need, especially the children. That is why he decided to combine his passion and a cause that helps children become happier.


The Terra dos Sonhos (Land of Dreams) is a non-profit Organization founded on the 1st of May of 2007. Since then it has made 590 dreams come true for children with chronicle illnesses or institutionalized as a way of passing them a message of hope when it comes to the possibility of accomplish their most inspiring goals, regardless of their circumstances, constraints and limitations. Overcoming the impossible by creating the possibility is the final goal.

Budget and due dates

To make dreams come true, we have defined a budget of 1.000 € per children/dream. This includes expenses around travel/logistics for a child and an adult to Eurodisney in Paris and Mercedes-Benz site in Germany.

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    Parabéns pela iniciativa!

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    Grande Manel, és um exemplo para todos

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    Só uma pessoa com muito bom coração e um atleta com tanta coragem poderia empreender uma iniciativa destas. Obrigada Manuel! Força Manuel!

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    O exemplo tem que contar. Sou Presidente da Direcção da Terra dos Sonhos e quero homenagear quem dá o corpo e a alma por esta causa que amo.

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    10/09/2015 - 13:25

    Manuel, muito boa prova! Vai ser duro, mas vai ser único! Estamos juntos! Um forte abraço. Nuno España

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