Purchase of beds and mattresses for the 25 orphaned children of Jinja (Uganda)
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Purchase of beds and mattresses for the 25 orphaned children of Jinja (Uganda)

The purchase of beds and mattresses for the 25 orphaned children of Jinja (Uganda) will provide these children better living conditions, and hope for a better future.

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The purchase of beds and mattresses for the 25 orphaned children of Jinja (Uganda) will provide these children better living conditions, and hope for a better future.

Hello everyone!

We have decided to develop this fundraising campaign with the main objective of improving the living conditions of the 25 orphan children in the Jinja region(Uganda).

All the children are in the care of a 24-year-old boy named Lukedeire Sharif and some supporters who live in his village. Currently, the 25 children and Lukedeire sleep on the floor without any kind of minimum conditions. These conditions are not at all worthy or good for the correct development of children.

Although Lukedeire works 7 days a week to try to provide the best living conditions for his little ones, money is not enough, and he needs our help to continue to take care of these 25 precious lives.

The money he receives from his work and from some volunteers who support his project is used to buy food, pay rent from his place of residence, pay for access to clean water and provide all children with access to education. (in Uganda education is paid).

In this way, we come to ask all those who, reading this appeal, want and can help this cause.

We thank you in advance for taking the time to read this text and wish you all a good day and may God bless you!

About the author

The Divine Children Care Project is a project that was carried out by a group of Portuguese volunteers and a 24-year-old boy from the Jinja region of Uganda.

The main objective of this project is to welcome orphaned children from the Jinja region and to provide them with the best possible living conditions so that they can hope to have a better future.

We seek to give all these children access to food, education, health care and clothing. You can consult our facebook page and follow our project through the following link:


Budget and due dates

The crowdfunding campaign ends on 11/20/2019. This is the first time the Divine Children Care Project has funded itself through the PPL Crowdfunding platform.

I drop below, in a specific way, the prices of the materials that need to be purchased and that fit the budget we are trying to raise:

  • Price of each mattress = 30 €
  • Price for each bunk with space for 3 people = 120 €
  • Price for each bunk with space for 2 people = 80 €  

This will require 26 mattresses (780 €) + 8 bunk beds with capacity for 3 people (960 €) + 1 bunk bed with capacity for 2 people (80 €). In total a value of € 1820 will be required.

Given that the PPL platform charges a small commission of € 184.96, we are raising a total amount of € 2005.

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