III GIVE - Solidary Door
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III GIVE - Solidary Door

The association Gristo Académico - mixed group from Escola Superior de Educação in Porto - organizes GIVE every two years, a solidarity soiree that aims to support noble causes.

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The association Gristo Académico - mixed group from Escola Superior de Educação in Porto - organizes GIVE every two years, a solidarity soiree that aims to support noble causes.

Aware that the country is going through a difficult phase and that many families are struggling, Gristo was unable to remain indifferent to this new reality. Knowing that music helps to face difficulties in a lighter way, Gristo thought of sharing a little bit of music with each one. Thus, Gristo organized GIVE online, a solidarity soiree, whose values raised will revert entirely to this cause.

Therefore, on the 18th of december, at 9.30 pm, live from our Instagram, we will present out III GIVE. Since 2009, Porta Solidária has been responsible for providing daily food aid to people without their own means of subsistence, receiving around 270 people from monday to friday throughout the year.

The well-known "Igreja do Marquês" welcomes for dinner:

• Families with children of all ages

• Homeless people

• People whose income is not enough to meet their food, medicine, clothing needs, among others.

• Drug addicts and people with alcohol issues

• Elderly people without family or any other support


Since the begginig of the pandemic, more than 95000 complete meals have been served on a take-away basis. The daily average is 550 people every day, sometimes reaching 600.

Beyond these dinners, Porta Solidária also helps families in need with food baskets and personal hygene goods, from 22 supported families now numbering 181, which makes a total of 633 people helped with baskets, it can be concluded that 1183 people depend daily on this aid to feed themselves.

About the author

The association Gristo Académico, a mixed group from Escola Superior de Educação in Porto,
was founded in 2002.

We are not tied to any tipe of convention, we are unique and we do everything our imagination
allows, from the use of unconvencional instruments, use of circus arts, mastery of fire
instruments, clowns, black lights shows to dance and much more.

All elements of the group are, in some way, connected to education and, certain of their social
strand, are concerned with reaching those who need the most. Whether participating in parties,
leisure activities in kindergartens, schools, nursing homes, and public or private institutions of
social nature, or doing events of this kind.

Budget and due dates

The amount raised will be entirely donated to "Porta Solidária". The campaign will start on 14/12
and will last until 20/12

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