Support to schools Aldeia da Mãe filipa and Castro Teófilo in Tete-Mozambique
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Support to schools Aldeia da Mãe filipa and Castro Teófilo in Tete-Mozambique

The project aims to support disadvantaged children from two schools located in Tete (Central Mozambique). The schools have almost 100 children who attend and survive on less tha...

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The project aims to support disadvantaged children from two schools located in Tete (Central Mozambique). The schools have almost 100 children who attend and survive on less than 1 euro a day.

The campaign aims to raise funds to continue supporting disadvantaged children who attend two schools in central Mozambique, with food supplies, hygiene and cleaning products, clothing, footwear, basic health care, with teacher training and subsidy payments to the same teachers who work in these schools free of charge and who need some income to support their families.

At the moment, with the advent of the pandemic, it became almost impossible to continue with the activities to support these two schools and the children are now living in a situation of extreme misery. Before the pandemic, the World College also carried out teacher training activities and paid a monthly allowance to the same teachers who teach children free of charge. They are teachers who need to travel a few kilometers from their homes to be able to teach children and could only count on the support of the World College for transportation, food, health and a subsistence salary.

In addition to supporting these two schools, food, clothing and shoes will also be distributed in orphanages located in the city of Tete, in the quarry on the way to the district of Changara with the population living in extreme poverty in which their main activity of livelihood consists of selling stones.

About the author

Damião Felipe Jaime, PhD student in Information Sciences and Technologies at ISCTE-IUL,

Master in Medical Informatics from the University of Porto

Superior Radiology Technician

Musician (stage name Ronny Felipe)

Representative / Responsible for the implementation of Information Technologies at the World College (

About the World College

The World College is a dream of Dr. Sheila Javier Alvarado who was born and raised in Mozambique, in the province of Tete (region of the Center of the country).
The precarious conditions of infrastructure in the primary and secondary schools of Tete, lack of qualified teachers, lack of school material and poor quality in the methodologies applied in secondary primary education, among others, were the driving force for the creation of the school, fighting for the implementation of quality schools in your province to assist in the educational and socio-cultural development of your province and the country in general.

The construction of the school was an investment made with own funds, the result of savings made during her professional activities and that of her husband (Javier Alvarado Rosas) in organizations such as United Nations and BCI (commercial and investment bank), among others.

The pedagogical system of the World College is based on a modern system of the SNE that makes use of methodologies from other systems (Australian, Brazilian, Portuguese and Peruvian) that resulted from great researches and studies carried out by the founder throughout her professional activities and of their own academic training.

Activities of social rails

The World College, as an educational institution, understands that educational, social and community progress is not an isolated act and as part of a community feels the responsibility of providing social support to totally disadvantaged children. For the college, an institution can only count its progress if the community in which it is inserted is also progressing.

In the central region of Mozambique in the province of Tete and beyond, there are countless families living in extreme poverty and with the advent of the covid 19, this situation has worsened considerably and as part of this society, the school is linked to several causes in order to make a contribution in combating situations of poverty in this region, with the main focus on establishing basic rights for a social group, such as children and youth or minority groups.

The school's actions aim to contribute to the distribution of food products, hygiene and cleaning products, education, culture, leisure, health, teacher training and payment of subsidies to teachers.



Budget and due dates


Budget and schedule

Description The amount Value Timetable
Hygiene and cleaning products 200 HYGIENE AND CLEANING PRODUCTS BASKETS 500.00 EUR  
Clothing and footwear 200 SHORTS, T-SHIRTS AND SHOES 500.00 EUR  
Health care   500.00 EUR  
Toys   500.00 EUR  
Teacher training 150 TEACHERS 500.00 EUR  
Teacher allowance 4 SUBSIDIES TO 170 TEACHERS 2000.00 EUR  
TOTAL   EUR 5500.00  


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