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Operation / Help me Helping Her

This campaign aims to raise money for the operation on my mother's column, it will be a surprise :)

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This campaign aims to raise money for the operation on my mother's column, it will be a surprise :)

My name is Diana and I am here for my mother, she has no idea that I am raising funds, but it is for good reason, my mother needs to perform an operation on the column whose value is 2200 € a problem that causes that she can barely get out of bed, with some days easier than the others, being that one day she just feels like walking and the next she can't even move.

Doctors say that weather conditions and day-to-day stress do not help explain why there are better days than others, pains have been controlled by medication for years and hospitals do not want to have her operated because they say she does not has no problem, being that we had to go to private clinics that told us that the problem is in the column having several problems housed in a single place, thus needing an operation.
The clinic that we are going to resort to the operation is located in Lisbon and the hospitals that do not want to perform the operation to my mother say that it is because there are people in worse condition, which makes me think then my mother will have to stop walk to public hospitals to operate. My mother's problem is found in the spine, with hernias and a disc leaning against it, sometimes moving and in such a way that it scrapes the spine.

If you could help me I would be extremely grateful as it makes this goal easier to achieve.

We are in difficult times I am aware of this but I do not give up, I owe my mother a lot and I can surprise her with the operation and with your help she was from another world.
Thank you :)

About the author

My name is Diana I am 19 years old, I intend to make this fundraiser to surprise my mother with the operation on the column and to repay her for everything she has already offered me.

Times are difficult, and I am asking for this call, because in these times it is really necessary to have money to be healthy.

My mother is only 55 years old and seeing her suffer in this way is heartbreaking, it is amazing that there are days when she wants to go for a walk and others when she can't even get out of bed. I believe that I will be able to achieve this goal with everyone's help!

I will finally be able to provide my mother with the operation she has been doing for a long time, I am grateful to everyone who can help me achieve this goal. :)


Budget and due dates

I intend to achieve this goal with your help by July 30, since in August she goes on vacation and can thus carry out the operation without harming her work.

If everything goes well in August we will go to the clinic to perform the operation on the spine.

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    Thank you to everyone who contributes even with 1 € I am grateful for helping to achieve this goal. :)

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    By email you can send me pictures of you or of landscapes or even of your pet, I will draw as a thank you for helping me make this surprise to my mother. :)

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    I will dedicate my time to crochet to decorate your car and / or house keys. Thanks to anyone who is willing to help me. I am grateful to you :)

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