Across the Moroccan desert to help those in need.
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Across the Moroccan desert to help those in need.

Desert’Roads is a team of students from the University of Aveiro who will go through a part of the Moroccan desert in order to deliver school and educational material to schools.

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Desert’Roads is a team of students from the University of Aveiro who will go through a part of the Moroccan desert in order to deliver school and educational material to schools.

Uniraid is an humanitarian adventure which already counts with five editions. Each team is formed by two university students, with ages between 18 to 28. For nine days we will go through seven pre-established stages only using the roadbook and a compass.

The main objective of this adventure is to deliver a minimum of 40 kg of school and educational material to underprivileged schools. By delivering all the material that has been collected we will be able to account for the needs of the school and, as a consequence, of the children. By doing so, we will also help those children to perform better at school.

And why is this project essentially directed to children?

Because they are the future of each country and, if each one of us can be able to give a contribution so that they can have a better education, we will also be contributing for the development of Morocco.

To implement this solidarity adventure we will need a car with at least 20 years of age, which is not 4*4 and with a cylinder capacity not exceeding 1300cc, which will make this adventure even more challenging.

We are absolutely certain that we will go through great difficulties during every day of the trip but, certainly, the satisfaction of seeing the smile of each child will make every problem become insignificant.

We are aware that our participation in this project will improve substantially the lives of those most in need.


About the author

We are two young students from the University of Aveiro, Olavo Abrantes ( Degree in Technologies and  production systems) and Miguel Felisberto (Degree in music), who have seen in Uniraid the oportunity to combine an  adventure with the solidarity aspect that is involved in this trip.

The UniRaid has Albert Margarit as a leader . He is also the director of the travel agency IRIDIS TRAVEL, specialised in these type of events. To carry out this adventure the UniRaid organization had the collaboration of Nissan, as well as other entities.

Renault 4 GTL + Equipa Miguel & Olavo

Budget and due dates

In this campaign we intend to raise 1790€ (1624€ net) which corresponds to the value which is charged for the participation registration in the trip which takes place from15 to 23 of February 2020. This value includes overnight stays, the two ferry trips between Algeciras (Spain) – Tangier (Morocco) in addition to the medical and mechanical assistance in Moroccan territory 24 hours a day. All the value raised will be used to pay for the participation registration. With respect to the expenses which are inherent to the whole trip we estimate the value of 5540€ which includes all the expenses related to the project such as:

  • Inscription:1790€
  • Car purchase:1750€
  • Vehicle preparation and maintenance:1000€
  • Car insurance:200€
  •  Administrative costs ( car inspection and circulation tax):150€
  • Fuel+tolls:150€
  • Food:150€


5540€ is the total amount of money we will need to fulfil all the necessary requirements for this project in case we aren’t able to get support in terms of material to prepare the car

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    All help counts

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    A photo of the car with the logo of the team will be sent as well as a publication on the social media of the project with public thanks where your name will be indicated.

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    You will receive a poster with the group of children you helped with your contribution

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    Together we go further

    Your name will be placed in the car as a way to thank you for your great contribution.

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