Living Water Challenge: 1000Km
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Living Water Challenge: 1000Km

We want to change the world and end the problems of clean water, taking this resource to those who most need it. You interested? It's an initiative which will last for one ...

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We want to change the world and end the problems of clean water, taking this resource to those who most need it. You interested? It's an initiative which will last for one year with the main goal of running 1000km during this period, in order to raise awareness for the shortage of clean water in the world and raise funds, in partnership with GAIN, for water wells in Africa. The campaign aims to raise funds to sponsor each kilometer that will be run and donate the entire amount to the o...


When we want a drink of water, we grab a glass and turn on the tap. We barely give it a second thought. This is not the case for millions of women and children in rural Africa. They walk an hour or two, carry a heavy container of water back home and hope they have enough for their family. Not only is the water difficult to obtain, but it also often carries disease. A deep-capped well that delivers clean water saves lives, improves health and transforms an entire community.

We are seeking for people who are willing to support this cause sponsoring the kilometers that will be run. 1km = 1euro.

This way, we aim to reach the total equivalent to the 1000Km distance, donating the complete value for the project Water for Life Initiative. 

This initiative is part of an international wide campaign conducted by Global Aid Network (GAiN) titled "Water for Life Initiative" aimed at digging wells in countries with severe limitations regarding safe water.

GAiN’s "Water for Life Initiative" has already provided 829 water wells, giving 829,000 villagers disease-free water.

GAiN is part of a diverse, global network with offices in Canada, United States, Germany, Australia, Austria, South Korea, Holland and Spain. With distribution networks established throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas, their compassionate reach is truly global in scale.

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About the author

I am a college student and telecommunications consultant, 27 years old, who wants to help others and make a difference. We all have our goals and it is always with the intention of doing more and better that i dedicate myself to the various volunteer projects that already was part of and fortunately I have the contacts and support required for implementation of other projects, always following the humanitarian and social aspects of my entrepreneurial vision.

As far as my career in this area concerns, I have had the privilege to participate in several volunteer projects, from camps for children to community dinners for homeless people. As for the organization presented, GAIN (Global Aid Network), I should mention that I am part of one of their projects, DART teams (Disaster Assistance and Response Team) responsible for aid and humanitarian support after all kinds of disaster scenarios.

Despite the fact this new hobby has been discovered recently, running is something I do with great pleasure and it helps to overcome our own limits, however becomes striking when we realize what we do "for fun" and without commitment is in Indeed, the daily battle of populations living in need. With the goal of breaking personal barriers and start a new solidarity movement to help those who walk hours every day to reach clean water, a new challenge has been created. 1000 Km for Water.


Budget and due dates

Since we are talking about an humanitarian / social project our goal is to help as many people as possible.

On average, the opening of a well can cost something like 7500 € providing drinking water to 1000 people over 25 years. With the amount raised of 1,000€ , which will be entirely donated to this cause, it will be possible to contribute to the opening of a well, which means the supply of clean water for 140 people for 25 years for less than 10€ per person.

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