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I want to go back to Brazil to be with my children and my family.

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I want to go back to Brazil to be with my children and my family.

I arrived here in Portugal in February in search of a better life, left behind in Brazil, wife, children, parents and brothers, spent 2 weeks looking for a job and started quarantining due to the covid 19.

I spent my savings to pay the rent and check in with the immigration company to resolve all my documents.

But I couldn't find a job, so I had to borrow a thousand euros with a friend to survive here in Portugal.

Hj can't take the distance from my family anymore, my wife is no longer with me and I want to go back to Brazil to see and take care of my children, but I have to pay my debts and buy the return ticket, which is why I'm trying to make this appeal here.

About the author

I am an honest Brazilian, I worked as a teacher and uber, I came to Europe to flee violence in search of a better life for my children and wife, but with everything that happened, covid 19, quarantine did not allow me to get a job, my wife is moving separate from me and I don’t want to be away from my children, because for me it has no meaning to stay here surviving, knowing that my children are away from me, because my wife will not come here anymore.

I have always been hardworking, honest, and loving to my parents and children.

And the distance became really painful, talking to my kids on the phone, and not being able to touch them is hurting a lot and I know I will only see them if I go back to Brazil.

Budget and due dates

1500 euros for the company that is doing the immigration process I have to pay because it is a friend who intermediated everything and if I do not pay he is the one who will have problems.

1500 euros to repay the loan I made to survive from February to November.

500 euros to buy the ticket back to Brazil.

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    Video of my arrival

    I will make a video with my family in thanks, because I have been waiting a long time for this moment and I am sure it will be very emotional and even with shame I know that I will cry.

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