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Summer Camp ConSOLidar Ties

This campaign aims to raise funds for the realization of the Summer Camp-ConSOLidar Ties IV, which aims to provide 15 children with HIV, a space where they can share experiences...

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This campaign aims to raise funds for the realization of the Summer Camp-ConSOLidar Ties IV, which aims to provide 15 children with HIV, a space where they can share experiences / doubts, directed to the common factor, HIV

The SOL Association in the scope of its intervention, over 25 years, with children and young people infected with the HIV virus, at Casa SOL, has found that the group effect has a determining influence on the development of healthy attitudes towards HIV /AIDS.

In this sense, and in view of what has been experienced in children and young people infected / affected by HIV who are in a natural context of life, and who are monitored at home in the CAI valence, it has been perceived that the subject of HIV is a great taboo . The lack of communication within families leads to a difficulty in promoting and acquiring healthy habits and positive attitudes towards the disease.

Thus, SOL, realizing the importance of sharing and demystifying attitudes and behaviors towards HIV, promoted the creation of the ConSOLidar Ties Vacation Camp.

The ConSOLidar Laços fields, to be developed in a welcoming and safe space, will allow children and young people who have no institutional support to acquire health and nutrition habits and social skills, which are important for their physical and psychological development.

Competences in terms of trust, motivation, respect for others, resilience, assertiveness, cooperation, self-esteem, communication and conflict management and resolution, will be important in dealing with the disease.

Parallel to this, and with a great vulnerability of these age groups to different risk behaviors, it is essential to have spaces for sharing experiences and doubts directed to the common factor, which is to be HIV carriers, with emphasis on the importance of protect and protect others.

The ConSOLidar Laços fields will contribute to a better understanding of the beliefs and attitudes towards HIV / AIDS by infected children and young people, promoting a better understanding and enhancing the transformation of knowledge in the adoption of protective practices.




Main Objective of the ConSOLidar Ties Field


The ConSOLidar Ties Vacation Camp has as its main objective to provide 15 children / young people infected with HIV / AIDS with differentiated holidays, where, among all, they can share experiences and doubts about the common factor, being HIV carriers.

Through a welcoming environment, promote cultural, recreational, sporting and educational activities for children and young people with the aim of promoting a space for sharing about beliefs and attitudes towards HIV that will allow healthy and harmonious bonds between participants to be strengthened.

Objectives of the ConSOLidar Ties Summer Camp

  1. Ensure compliance with and respect for the rights of children / young people;
  2. Ensure the protection, reception, guidance and monitoring of children / young people;
  3. Respect the individuality and privacy of each young person;
  4. Provide initiatives aimed at children and young people with HIV, aged between 6 and 16 years;
  5. Stimulate and develop the psychosocial skills of children and young people;
  6. Group experiences, as forms of social integration;
  7. Promotion of the development of the spirit of mutual help;
  8. Apply knowledge acquired by children and young people in their environment (family, school and community);
  9. Acquire more correct habits of health and food and care resulting from your health condition;
  10. Provide an environment close to a harmonious and affectionate family environment;
  11. Provide a normative living environment, which provides them with diverse experiences and life, rich and appropriate to their needs and potential;
  12. Active and responsible participation in the dynamics of the ConSOLidar Laços Holiday Camp;
  13. Know the natural, rural / urban and social surroundings.


Guiding principles of intervention in the context of the summer camp

The guiding principles of intervention in the context of a summer camp, centered on children / young people, aim at their protection, promotion and participation, namely:

  1. No concealment of the disease;
  2. Superior interest of children and young people;
  3. Affectivity;
  4. Privacy;
  5. Right to information and confidentiality;
  6. Strengthening the skills of young people.



About the author

SOL- Association of Support to Children Affected and Infected by HIV / AIDS-IPSS , was created on December 17, 1992, being the only association, at national level, dedicated to support children / young people infected / affected by this virus .

SOL, represents, solidarity, light, hope, promotion of equal treatment and support in the fight against discrimination and in the promotion of citizenship and the rights of Man and Child.

The life project of a child infected and affected by the AIDS virus is seen in this association in the same perspective as that of a healthy child. Keeping in mind their specific needs, it is necessary to provide them with everything that she, as a child, is entitled to, namely the possibility of growing up in a family environment in a climate of happiness, love and understanding.

This project divides its activities into four major responses:

  • Childhood and Youth Home - Casa SOL

Casa Sol, is a house with a limited number of children, where affective proximity, trust, security, a sense of belonging are fostered and the feeling of family always emerges, creating in children a feeling of comfort and belonging. As such, words such as the dining room, bedroom and playground are replaced by the dining room, boys ', girls' and gardens.

  • CAI - Integrated Support Center

It is a center that provides support to children / young people infected / affected by HIV and their family members who are at home, in a situation of physical and / or psychological dependence and who cannot temporarily guarantee the satisfaction of their basic needs.

  • CEP - Center for Education and Prevention

Promotion and awareness in the community for the prevention of risk behaviors associated with HIV and the acquisition of healthy behaviors, providing young people with knowledge and values that help them to develop attitudes and to adopt informed and conscious behaviors and attitudes.

The center promotes education and prevention actions for students in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles of basic and secondary education, and includes an information and clarification session addressing issues related to HIV / AIDS infection, followed by a debate with participation. of all stakeholders.

  • ConSOLidar Ties - Summer Camp

The summer camp aims to provide 15 children / young people infected with HIV with differentiated holidays, where, among all, they can share experiences and doubts directed to the common factor, being HIV carriers.
Through a welcoming and fun environment, Associação SOL intends to clarify possible doubts that exist and to improve the behavior of each young person.

Budget and due dates

The ConSOLidar Laços course will last 8 days and 7 nights during the summer break.

The amount raised will be used to cover all the pantries inherent to this project, namely the accommodation and overnight stay of the participants, as well as the development of various activities; food will also be the responsibility of Associação SOL, which will provide 4 daily meals, appropriate to the age, dietary restrictions and specificity of each participant; as well as round-trip transportation according to defined schedules, and transportation between activities.

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