Container rental - Shipping of goods to Cape Verde
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Container rental - Shipping of goods to Cape Verde

Are we going to ship goods to Cape Verde? We need your help!

Are we going to ship goods to Cape Verde? We need your help!

Hello everyone!

We are DP2 students at Colégio Atlântico, in Seixal and, within the scope of the CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) discipline of the Diploma Program of the International Baccalaureate, we are organizing a shipment of goods to institutions in Cape Verde. What if you joined us on this journey of solidarity?

In order to be able to send books, clothes, toys and school supplies, we need help to pay for the container and shipping by sea. We are already in contact with associations in Cape Verde that are eagerly awaiting our donation! The goods will be collected and organized by us at Colégio Atlântico, and delivered to Associations on Ilha da Boavista.

Are we going to help these children and the schools?

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Colégio Atlântico is located in Pinhal de Frades, municipality of Seixal and has about 1500 students from nursery to 12th grade.

Our educational project has the ambition of full and global education of the human person and intends to implement a philosophy of a modern school open to society and to the constant evolution of today's world.

Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) is a core component of the International Baccalaureate. The IB philosophy aims to develop all areas of students, educate them as a whole and encourage them to develop their diverse talents.
The CAS program recognizes the world outside academic studies and recognizes the need for students to be involved in sport, art and community service.

Collaborative and reciprocal commitment to the community in response to an authentic need:
The purpose of the “Service” strand is for students to understand their ability to make a significant contribution to their community and society. Students develop and apply personal and social skills in real-life situations involving decision making, problem solving, initiative, responsibility and accountability for their actions.

In community service, students learn as they identify and respond to the authentic needs of the community , and the community helps through collaboration. Community service promotes the development of skills, attitudes and values in accordance with the IB mission statement and the IB student profile.


Budget and due dates

2 874.00 - Container and transport

Remainder - Customs clearance fees

Project start - Sep 2021

Container shipping - Until January 2022

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