Donation of books by national authors to foster houses
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Donation of books by national authors to foster houses

Fundraising to buy books by Portuguese national authors so that they can then be donated to foster houses in Portugal.

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Fundraising to buy books by Portuguese national authors so that they can then be donated to foster houses in Portugal.

This year the world turned upside down and left us all confused and anxious, unsure of what will come next.

This perception was no different for children and young people who, due to the difficulties in their family lives, are living in foster houses. With the confinement, to which we were all subjected, they were forced to keep themselves apart from their families and friends. They also found themselves unable to attend face-to-face classes and extracurricular activities.

All this atypical situation, put an added pressure on professionals in the area of promotion and protection who try to fill their needs every day.


And the situation does not improve in the face of the imminent threat of a second wave. It is necessary to resort to creativity, but the necessary material is often lacking!

Residential shelters are often forced, due to lack of resources, to choose to respond to basic needs. As a result, the purchase of books for entertainment is not always a priority when faced with the scarcity of funds and is thus often at the mercy of solidary donations.

This Christmas make a child or young person smile and share your love of reading.

Help a child or young person to discover the pleasure of reading, but more importantly help to discover a Portuguese idol. All donations will be used to purchase books by national fiction writers and delivered them to Foster Houses. The discovery of a passion and an example to follow can make a difference in the life of one of these children or young people.

Books teach us how to dream and are a source of comfort, entertainment, education, and inspiration. Your contribution is a Christmas gift.


€ 20 buys 1 book, € 60 buys 3, but all donations are welcome

Some national authors also joined the initiative and agreed to offer 10% of their sales profits to the cause. This Christmas, by buying a national book by these authors, you are also helping these children.

Authors involved:

- Patricia Morais

- Carina Shoemaker

- Tânia Dias

- Natacha Silveira

- Mariza Martins

- António Bizarro


About the author

Patricia Morais has a degree in Translation and International Development; her areas of focus are on gender, education and advocacy for children's rights. She is the author of the supernatural fiction books, Sombras, Chamas and Correntes, the memoir of martial arts, Crónicas de Shaolin, and one of the co-authors of the paranormal anthology, Os Monstros que nos Habitam. This year she founded the Portuguese Writers Society (SEP), a project that aims to give more visibility to national authors and create a more united literary community.

Budget and due dates


November 2020: launch of the PPL campaign and outreach to media.

December 2020: End of campaign and book acquisition. The books will be delivered to Foster Houses at the end of December.

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