Children in need must also have vacations. Please, help them.
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Children in need must also have vacations. Please, help them.

Through these crowdfounding, we seek to pay the enrollment of 4 children or young people in need into the 29th edition of the Lusitanian Church Summer Camps

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Through these crowdfounding, we seek to pay the enrollment of 4 children or young people in need into the 29th edition of the Lusitanian Church Summer Camps

In 1989, de Youth Department of the Lusitanian Church (DJIL – Departamento de Juventude da Igreja Lusitana) went out,to the Madalena camping park, with a group of30 young people, for the first edition of the Summer Camps. Since then, the Camps have never stopped.

In addition to recreational activities such as dance, music, games and extreme sports, this Summer Camps provides a meeting space with God and educational values.

Every year we receive young people from North to South of Portugal, belonging or not to the Lusitanian Church, divided in two camps, each one n one week - the first for Group I, the youngest ones (6-11 years) and the second for group II, the oldest (12-18).

During these 29 years of existence, more than 2000 children and young people that have passed through the Summer Camps saw, with a feeling of gratitude and reciprocity, their one life touched and transformed by the values we transmit.

As a Church, the organization of these Summer Camps have always been characterized by the social strand…

Over the years we have received children from several social institutions (as Lar do Pastor Machado, AJUDARIS or our one social projects as PÉS NO RISCO [FEET AT RISK]), and we want to continue to receive more and more participants in need of support.

We need to ensure the enrolment of those who want to participate, but who cannot afford the cost associated to it. This is the case of young people who have already participated and who show great willingness to repeat, but also the case of those who want to know the Summer Camps for the first time, and the payment is an impediment to their participation.

Every year we do a careful analysis of these cases, and these year for the 29th Edition of Summer Camps, we have already 20 flagged cases that need support.

Last year, through donations and fundraising, we could afford to support 12 children and young people in need.

We have developed this campaign so that we can touch as many hearts as possible and, with your donation, support the participation of 4 children. In this way, this experience can reach more young people and children.

About the author

The Organizing Committee of the Summer Camps, that belongs to the Lusitanian Church of the Anglican Communion, as the role of prepare and implement these Summer Camps every year.

The Commission is made up of volunteer monitors with specific training for this, and ou organization was the first one of a religious nature to be certified by IPDJ (Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth). Reg. No. 17 / 20011DRN.

As the summer approaches, the Commission meets weekly to ensure that there is nothing flawed - from logistics to the planning of play, sport and reflection activities.

Our aim is to provide quality time, development, relationship and growth in the Faith. As we all, members of the Commission, former participants of the Fields, we want to provide participants with what have been provided to us in the past. We remember this week in the summer with an immense longing and we work so that it is remembered the same way by all.

It is in this spirit that we are now working for the 2018 Edition.

Budget and due dates

The cost of each enrolment in the First Group is € 135 and in the Second Group it is € 165, encompassing, in particular:

● Round-trip transportation;

● Meals (breakfast, morning snack, lunch, snack, dinner and supper);

● Sleeping (6 nights);

● Activities and associated material (canoeing, climbing, school supplies ...)

The €600 target allows for approximately 4 registrations.

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