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Let's Rebuild Barca's Bar

Barca´s Bar was totally devastated by the waves. This is the campaign that will bring it back. With the help of all, everuone will be able to enjoy that space where everyone fe...

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Barca´s Bar was totally devastated by the waves. This is the campaign that will bring it back. With the help of all, everuone will be able to enjoy that space where everyone feels good.

Since 2006 Barca's Bar has been a convivial space where you can enjoy good snacks accompanied by a very fresh imperial. It has become a place of everyone for everyone and has been frequented by residents and visitors of this island for the past 10 years. After being completely devastated by the bad weather and huge waves that hit the zone, it is necessary to make efforts to recontruct it.  I want to rebuild the bar because I know that it is a space that has been in existence for more than a decade and that has already taken root in the habits of the people I serve and who always receive with great esteem all the new clients. I feel that I do not make clients but rather friendships that have lasted, having as a meeting point this small wooden bar sought by everyone for quality, hospitality and, above all, for friendship.

About the author

In 2006 I had the idea of creating a space for the sale of drinks and cold foods and water, next to one of the most beautiful swimming pools on the island of Pico, the natural pool of Barca. I'm not a big businessman! We are a family of 3, I am my wife and a 7 year old girl, we have dreams and we like to receive people and to know new ways to look at life and to live it. The day the girl came up that our Bar had been totally destroyed by the waves, she went to the garden to pick flowers, set a table on the porch and a piggy bank, and set up a flower stall there. On Father's Day her postcard to me said "Father I know our Bar has been destroyed but do not be sad let's rebuild it again" To reconcile the Bar is thus an objective that passes for not letting die a site that a decade ago became the meeting point of many friends, but above all to give the example to my child that there is always a solution and that to give up does not Part of our dictionary. With your help we believe we can achieve!

Budget and due dates

The term of this campaign will run during the operation of the bar because due to the help of some suppliers and carpenters we are already working on the reconstruction construction with the contract of the values of raw material and manpower to be paid at the end of September. 900 € budget of the wood; € 600 Carpenters' hand of works; € 400 electricity and labor; 290 € for roof; € 1500 for appliances and equipment; Being that the roof is foreseen the manpower and the materials like cement and inert,

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    The possibility of having your name displayed on the wall of the bar itself.

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