Helping is taking care of our history
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Helping is taking care of our history

Campaign to upgrade video and lighting equipment essential to improve the level of reporting work.

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Campaign to upgrade video and lighting equipment essential to improve the level of reporting work.

Time does not stop. We understand that recording each event and moment allows the future a pleasant trip to the past about the people, their way of life and their traditions and customs.

Alhos Vedros TV started on social networks, and, over the course of the last 10 years, has recorded the most relevant events in our region. Since its inception it has been an amateur project fueled only by elements linked to the culture of the region - and now it seeks the moment of its natural qualitative growth.

It all started in 2009, when Luis Rosa wanted to give locals a trip to the past through existing photos and videos, but scattered across diverse sources, both collective and private.

The idea behind Alhos Vedros TV was to aggregate all the existing material in a single platform, so that it was accessible to all. Recollection of important figures in the region, the traditions / customs of the people, photographic reports of events and record of the most relevant events in the region, have been providing the population with incredible travels to the past and preserving local history.

Alhos Vedros TV is currently developing work in the areas of inclusive education, health, regional history, cooking and multimedia recordings of the most important regional events. In the short term, Alhos Vedros TV will broaden the team by integrating elements relevant to its development.

The "Helping is Taking Care of Our History" campaign aims to raise the funds needed to update existing reporting material. So far, we have had the minimum audiovisual material to record our history. But we want to take the next step. We want to update ourselves technologically to the new challenges and we want to do it well, with the best possible quality.

Being an amateur project, resources are obviously limited to the financial capacity of its performers. Only with your help can we take this next step. Small contributions will make all the difference, as we need € 4,000 to buy the material we aim to have at Alhos Vedros TV. Help us in this challenge.

Be part of this project too. € 1? € 2? 5 €? € 10? € 20? ... whatever you can. All your help will be welcome. Thanks.

Luis Rosa

About the author

Luís Paulo Rosa, 56, born in Alhos Vedros, Moita, the driving force of the project, has always been linked to the regional media, having started his career in this area as founder of Radio Opção and several other projects also involving audiovisual media that later gave rise to Alhos Vedros TV.

Also part of the project is João Carlos Dias, 48, born in Alhos Vedros and also linked to radio and regional culture.

The project has also been counting with the pro bono participation of several external consultants in specific areas such as archeology, regional history, journalism, photography, video, marketing and advertising.

We want to continue this project which we know is well recognized in the social networks where it has been promoted. The feedback we receive gives us the motivation to further develop our activity and the ambition to broaden the scope of our audiovisual interventions to other areas.

We very much want Alhos Vedros TV to be a reference to inform who, for one reason or another, cannot follow what is going on in your land. Being present can, through us, be just a click away. It is always gratifying for an emigrant to come and thank us for the moment of return, albeit virtual, to their homeland.

This is a project that we have a duty to carry on and it gives us immense pleasure to develop.

Budget and due dates

The funds acquired will be used to acquire:

Panasonic UHD 4K HC X1000E Camcorder Purchase: € 2,499.00 (two thousand four hundred ninety nine euros)

JIE Tripod - YANG JY0606BM: € 179.00 (one hundred and seventy nine euros)

Illuminator: APUTURE AL-MX Mini Led: 180,00 € (one hundred and eighty euros)

3 x Yongnuo YN1200 Illuminators; € 537.00 (five hundred and thirty seven and twenty euros)

DJI RONIN-S Gimbal Stabilizer: 689,00 € (six hundred eighty nine euros)

Scheduling: 60 days

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    Bronze Club You will be part of the Bronze Club with a donation over 20 €. Reward: Alhos Vedros TV Magnet We want the friends of Alhos Vedros TV to always have a little of us at home. We have designed this reward so that whenever you open your fridge you will remember us and the work we have done. It is a simple but very decorative magnet.

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    Gold Club You will be part of the Gold Club with a donation over 75 €.~ Reward: Alhos Vedros TV Powerbank With the increasing use of social networks and internet, the problem of low battery in our mobile devices is no longer an afterthougth. We do not want that to happen to you. We need you to watch Alhos Vedros TV. So we have a powerbank reserved for you that will allow additional hours to use your devices.

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