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ASI 2020 Vision Road Show & PlayFirst+

PlayFirst +. Play as a basic need. Highlight the importance of play and promote opportunities to play through the collection and donation of toys to needy children. This proje...

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PlayFirst +. Play as a basic need. Highlight the importance of play and promote opportunities to play through the collection and donation of toys to needy children. This project, in conjunction with ASI Vision 2020 Road Show aims to disseminate the Sensory Integration Theory of J. Ayres, which has significantly contributed to help children with sensory dysfunctions, in Occupational Therapy Universities in Europe and the importance of Play in intervention process.

Sensory Integration (SI) is a neurological process that organizes the sensations of one's own body and environment and organize it to an effective response in different contexts. When the brain cannot process all the sensory information properly, people have difficulty in carrying out their daily tasks (dressing, undressing, comply with school assignments, etc.).

The Sensory Integration problems increasingly affect children worldwide. Yet they are still few families who know help is available to deal with the problems of their children.

In order to contribute to the development and knowledge of SI theory developed by Jean Ayres, emerged the international project ASI Vision 2020 Road Show, in order to promote the dissemination of Ayres Sensory Integration® (ASI) for 8 European countries: Portugal, Spain, France, England, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Austria.

The ASI 2020 Vision Roadshow will boost various activities in Schools of Occupational Therapy, in the mentioned countries, with lectures on SI presented by experts in the field, and presenting material on the theory of Sensory Integration through an interactive booth.

Under the ASI Vision 2020 Road Show comes the PlayFirst+. Once Play is a primary occupation of children, some intervention approaches of pediatric Occupational Therapists, as Ayres Sensory Integration®, use play in intervention as a mediator to develop the capabilities of children.

Although Play is essential for children's development and was considered one of the Children Rights by the United Nations, we all witness a reduction in opportunities for children to play by several factors (increasing school load, unavailability of parents , poverty, etc.). Thus, PlayFirst+ aims to publicize and raise awareness of the importance of play for the biopsychosocial development of children and contribute to the increased opportunities to play in their day-to-day.

Initially, PlayFirst + will operate in conjunction with the Road Show, contributing to the promotion of Occupational Therapy, ASI and the use of play as a therapeutic process.

During the month of September we will collect toys in universities during the Roadshow and in various parts of Portugal by PlayFirst+ partners. All toys will be raised and later distributed to needy children in each local community.

About the author

The 7Senses Association had its beginnings in March 2008 in order to promote and disseminate the Ayres Sensory Integration® Theory and develop research and training in this field. Actually, integrates SIGN (Sensory Integration Global Network) - a network world of individuals and entities that want to protect and properly disclose Ayres Sensory Integration® Theory. This association has been encouraging various activities, among which are:

- Organization of 12 ASI training courses in partnership with the USC/WPS;

- Translation and adaptation into Portuguese of 5 ASI manuals;

- Organization of the 2nd European Conference on Sensory Integration;

- Several training courses within the theme of Sensory Integration;

- Organization of the 1st and 2nd Post Graduation in Sensory Integration in partnership with CESPU - Cooperativa Ensino Superior Politécnico e Universitário.

The team consists of young Occupational Therapists who voluntarily offer their time and their knowledge of child development to help promote the importance of Play on health and well being of children!

Among additional collaborators are pediatricians, child psychiatrists, psychologists and speech and language pathologists.

Budget and due dates

From 6 to 22 of September 2015 the Road Show will go about 7500km around Europe, stopping in the following cities and countries:

Maia, Portugal - Sep. 6th
Bordeaux, France - Sep. 8th
Birmingham, UK - Sep. 10th,11th,12th (Participation at the 4th European Sensory Integration Congress)
Brussels, Belgium - Sep. 14th
Berlin, Germany - Sep. 15th
Udine, Italy - Sep. 17th
Vienna, Austria - Sep. 18th
Oviedo, Spain - Sep. 22nd

At all locations a showroom will be set up with relevant information in the areas of occupational therapy, sensory integration and importance of play.
The team of volunteers needs support to ensure their presence in the long journey that will perform at seeking help to support fuel costs and tolls.
Our estimate of the costs of fuel and tolls for the entire journey is 1400 euros (

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