Assist in sterilization and feeding street cats
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Assist in sterilization and feeding street cats

I have a dream that unfortunately can not reach. Can save all the kittens in the world! Because none of them asked to be born. In my town there are many colonies of cats. ...

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I have a dream that unfortunately can not reach. Can save all the kittens in the world! Because none of them asked to be born. In my town there are many colonies of cats. Some who were born there, others that there were "placed". As we know, that the birth rate of cats is less, it is necessary to sterilize, something that is still not that cheap.

So I ask you a small contribution in order to help URBAN CATS they love cats and trying at all costs to give them a better life, giving them food, taking them to the vet (often without have any penny for this), sterilizing, creating shelters, helping them to find a permanent home.

In addition to either contribute to the sterilization of cats, I like to gather some money to buy food and distribute the caretakers of stray cats.


Please choose to unconditionally support my cause!

About the URBAN CATS:

The association is a non-profit association and that in most cases, only lives by the grace of the people who go there helping them monetarily and will give feed.

Aims at promoting animal welfare which they share with humans the urban areas, notably through the implementation of CED programs - Capture, Sterilize, Returning - for wild cats, disseminate scientific and technical information and best protection practices animal, intervene so that urban and environmental policies should focus on the welfare of animals and the quality of their living with humans.


Cats are animals with an enormous reproduction capacity. The litters are numerous, after 6 months, a cat can have the first heat and having the first litter and can have 4 litters per year?

Sterilizing a cat are still contributing to that potential owners of a kitten choose to adopt one of the many kittens born on the streets or been abandoned, giving them the chance to have a home.

About the author

Love with cats and voluntary Urban Cats.

Wish I could help more this association, it is thanks to them that our cats are happier.

Did you know that all we should have a cat?

Yes because that would avoid the abandonment and also because cats are beneficial: as pets, helping to treat depression in scientific humanos.Estudos beings indicate a 30% reduction in the risk of heart attacks occurrences in people who have cats as pets. The likely reason is that living with these small cats minimize the level of stress, a major contributor to the emergence of cardiovascular problems.

I wish I could support the institutions that help stray cats, if only gathering some funds to be able to help control the birth rate so that no longer exist so many sad and abandoned cats and can also help feed them.

Budget and due dates

600€ for sterilization ,for food products, vaccines, trips to the vet.

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