Save Afghan girls, women and mothers
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Save Afghan girls, women and mothers

In this campaign we will help two organizations that support children, women and families in Afghanistan.

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In this campaign we will help two organizations that support children, women and families in Afghanistan.

There are two chosen organizations that are currently trying to save those who are unprotected and who, more than ever, need the resources to do so.

Care is one of the world's largest humanitarian aid organizations that is helping families who have suddenly had to flee their homes to protect their women and children. With 75 euros it is possible to ensure the most urgent needs of a family for 1 month. The aim will be to raise €25 000 to support more than 300 families over this period.

Women for Afghan Women is the largest (non-profit) organization dedicated to women and their children in Afghanistan. With our €25,000 donation, they will be able to continue to find shelter for these women and respond to emerging needs.

Right now, a small donation can dictate someone's survival, we have that possibility in our hands.

We are children of the privilege of being born in a country without wars, without slavery, where our rights matter, and this makes us responsible for trying to break the injustice of not everyone enjoying this same privilege. Like? Using it to see them, hear them, give them a voice, protect them, allow them to be simply human.

After all, it could be our daughters, friends, family, colleagues, even us, living this horror scenario.

Lets help!



About the author

Tânia Correia

girl - since 1990

Woman - clinical psychologist, I work mainly with the female population. I'm also the author of a Facebook page and Instragam, as well as a book dedicated to Girls, Women and Mothers.

Mother - of a 6 year old girl I want to grow up in a world where being a woman is a reason for pride, not shame or limitation.

Above all, I am a human being who has felt torn apart by the news that comes to us from Afghanistan and that is why he realized that, despite being far away, it is time to act.


Budget and due dates

All the amount obtained, with the exception of commissions that will have to be paid to the fundraising platform, will be divided between the two organizations mentioned as soon as it becomes available.


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  • Ana Rodrigues

    13/09/2021 - 19:40

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    Seja qual fôr o valor angariado há-de fazer diferença na vida de alguém e por isso é de louvar todo o seu empenho nesta campanha! obrigada

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  • Bruna Filipa Fernandes

    06/09/2021 - 08:33

    Obrigada por criarem estas causas que facilmente podemos apoiar a fim de ajudar quem não tem a mesma facilidade que nós!

  • Anonymous

    06/09/2021 - 07:06

    Que o pouco que posso doar seja muito nas vossas mãos ??

  • Ana Filipa Santos

    05/09/2021 - 22:28

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    04/09/2021 - 08:37

    Agradeço a sua iniciativa.

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    03/09/2021 - 09:54

    Parabéns pela iniciativa.

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