Let's improve a young boy mobility!
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Let's improve a young boy mobility!

A 14-year-old needs an electric wheelchair to be able to move around independently.

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A 14-year-old needs an electric wheelchair to be able to move around independently.

This campaign aims to raise funds to buy an electric chair for a 14-year-old, who is in the 7th grade of elementary school and has a degenerative disease.
He is a brave and resilient boy, but he urgently needs a chair suitable for his age and his current needs in order to have some comfort and autonomy, which facilitates his daily life.

We ask for a small contribution that allows us to purchase this equipment to support your mobility.

About the author

The Rainha Dona Leonor School Group is located in Lisbon, in the Alvalade area and has a pre-school educational offer for the 12th year. It receives students from various areas even though it mostly serves the neighborhood of Alvalade. It is the school that this young man attends and wants to make a difference in his life.

The educational community of the Group is inclusive and solidary, carrying out several initiatives in this regard. With this campaign we try to help this young man to feel more autonomous and happy.

Budget and due dates

The budget for the electric wheelchair provided by the company Tempersimetria Uni.Lda is € 5833 and the PPL commission is € 592.80.

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