CEF Brazil annual Congress
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CEF Brazil annual Congress

Fundraising to participate in the annual congress of APEC Brasil, an institution dedicated to the propagation of the Gospel to children.

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Fundraising to participate in the annual congress of APEC Brasil, an institution dedicated to the propagation of the Gospel to children.

I am a volunteer at CEF Portugal (APEC Portugal) for approximately 2 years and recently I took the CTPEC course (training course for evangelistic teachers of children). The CEF Portugal representatives were invited to present one of their works, of which I am part, at the annual CEF congress in Brazil

The Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) is an international non-profit evangelical organization founded by Jesse Overholtzer (1877-1955) in 1937. Its headquarters are in Warrenton, Missouri, United States of America. The organization aims to evangelize children and to send them to Christian churches in their localities. The organization is present in 167 countries with thousands of missionaries working full time. In most countries, the work is coordinated by the Regional Directors under the International Headquarters

One of the works carried out is evangelistic theater for children. This is sometimes done on the street in some localities or some churches. And it is one of the theaters that we will perform in Brazil.

About the author

Alexandre Campos, I'm 30 years old.

I work at randstad, sector edp.

Practicing Christian since 2004.

I work as a volunteer with children and adolescents since 2007, in biblical camps in places such as Camp Baptista, ACJ, APECP, street activities, among others.

CEF volunteer at 2 years, CTPEC completed at CEF 2018.

The desire to go to the congress is to get more knowledge and material for future work with children, as I intend to reach out to more children, teach what I also learned about God.

Budget and due dates

The destination of the funds are exclusive to the expenses of transport, stay and congress registration

flight - 1100 eur at 1400 eur / congress - 50 eur / stay - 20/30 eur / day

The flight will begin on December 11, the congress will begin on December 13 and end on December 16. The return will be on December 23, because the week after the congress I will stay with some APEC workers, deepening and applying knowledge acquired at the congress.

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