I need your help to make a record

I need your help to make a record

WE DIE SO MUCH TO GROW is the name of my second album. It is a soundtrack of the one that has been my life over the years. But that can also be yours, and that I would love to m...

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WE DIE SO MUCH TO GROW is the name of my second album. It is a soundtrack of the one that has been my life over the years. But that can also be yours, and that I would love to make known to you. Will you help me?

In this campaign, I intend to raise 5,000 € to make the album, we died so much to grow . Your support will allow for the materialization of the disc's graphics, the recording of two video clips and the promotion in the media. It will be active for two months, which will be the time when I will be publicizing the campaign on my social networks, by sharing excerpts of the songs and stories that gave rise to them. Stories of me, from the last 10 years, but also of other people, of overcoming, of pain, of conquests, of reflections, of dreams, and that only reach a full meaning if they reach you, because they may be your stories too.

And there is a question that arises: why do I need to do a crowdfunding campaign, then? Because I have no money, because I have no structure behind, because I have no agent or publisher, I am really an artist and self-employed person, because I have already had to borrow money to record, to go to the studio, pay musicians and I can’t take on more debt to make sure it goes public, because I’m an artist in the middle of a pandemic trying to do her job and trying to generate work. But also because I don't give up on dreams, even if they are difficult, because I know that together and together we are stronger, because I believe it is possible to empathize with other people's struggles, and you probably with mine, because they don't scare me, they do me more mature. And because the deaths on the way, until now, only made me grow.

It is a fact: I really need your help to make a record. Or it will stay in the drawer waiting for the Culture in Portugal to rise. How about we raise it together? From my heart to yours: thank you.

Festival da Canção, 2018

About the author

My name is Rita Dias. I like to sing, compose, represent and write. I do everything whenever I can and do everything in turn.

In 2013, I released my first album, with my feet on the ground . I performed in Portugal and Brazil. In 2016, I recorded the anthem of RTP Memória, If I remember correctly . In 2018, I participated in the Song Festival with the theme C com Amigo Amigo , through the public competition of Antena 1. In the theater, since 2016 here, I have also performed in Portugal and Brazil, and in 2019, I launched a book of poetry, The Encounter of Ternary Time .

I like being a woman and living every second like never again.

Capa do primeiro disco, "com os pés na terra", 2013

Budget and due dates

The campaign will be active between March and April 2021.

The estimated budget is € 5,000 for:

  • Make the graphics of the disc, as well as the associated communication materials for the website and social networks, including a photo session. Date: May 2021. Price: € 1,250.
  • Record two video clips. Date: between May and July 2021. Price: € 1,000 per video clip. Total amount: 2,000 €.
  • Promote the disc in the main media (TV, radio, newspapers and magazines) and social networks. Date: between September and November 2021. Price: € 1,300.

The € 450 corresponds to the fees to be paid to PPL, for accommodation and for publicizing the campaign.


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    Video of me singing

    If you give € 30, you will receive a video with me singing in your email.

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    Exclusive video to surprise someone

    If you give 70 €, I will record a personalized video, with me singing and directing a message of your choice, so that you can surprise someone you love very much.

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    Private Online Showcase

    If you give 100 €, I will be happy to make a private online showcase for you and your family.

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  • Vitor Aniceto Santos

    acho que teria sido muito

    acho que teria sido muito mais interessante o valor de apoio para recompensas ter sido bem menor. 70 euros, olhando para a realidade atual é um claro exagero. percebo a ideia, mas se as recompensas começassem por exemplo, num valor de 10€, creio que haveria muito mais gente a participar!
    A Rita merece isso. Tem claramente talento (como já o provou anteriormente). Mas acho que a campanha feita nestes moldes, não faz grande sentido.

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  • Rui Pedro Ribeiro

    Ajuda-me a conquistar mais autonomia

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