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One-legged the Captain

Nuno defeated a cancer and now he would like to study again! Would you help him?

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Nuno defeated a cancer and now he would like to study again! Would you help him?

Since he was a little kid that one of the main themes of his playings was in fact representation.

Gifted by his natural skills of comunication and resourcefulness he was frequently choosed to stay on first row.

He stills use that comunication on his Youtube & Instagram Videos. 

But now, he wants to take the leap (although only with one leg) on his academic course.

As such, he needs your help in order to start his professional course at the "Academia Mundo das Artes".

About the author

Nuno is happy, but he needs a little help.

In 2008 he was diagnosed with a bone cancer on his hip, that affected all the leg function.

Despite all the medical and personal efforts in order to save his leg, that was not possible.

Therefore, he decided his hardest choise of his life, amputate the left leg.

 Since the discovery of the disease till he amputate his leg in 2018, it's a void of a decade that was nothing but a wheelchair and hospital routine

 Por isso, não conseguiu dedicar-se aos estudos que ambicionava.  

Situation that brought him to his lack of studies.

Budget and due dates


Interview + audition + 10 monthly payment + displacements (Reduced Mobility) = 4538.75€

PPL's costs: 461.25€

Total:  5000 €

Deadline: Setembro de 2018

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