AMA - Supports, mobilizes and acts the IMM

AMA - Supports, mobilizes and acts the IMM

Monetary collection to support IMM's initiatives to combat Covid-19 as well as all its research.

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Monetary collection to support IMM's initiatives to combat Covid-19 as well as all its research.

We support, support with us!
The complex moment in which we live like this appeals to us. Words like, "LOVE!", but so many others invade our thoughts and offer us the strength to fight, to support, to mobilize and act. We verbalize this and so many other words so many times and we try for everything to find hope and faith that soon the world will return to what it was before.
We, the family and all the teams of the two companies HMN and GS, aware of social responsibility and the power of our brands, chose not only to verbalize them, but to act. That is why we selected the IMM initiative that is at the forefront of combating this unprecedented tragedy, the COVID-19 pandemic.
The objective of the support is to stimulate and actively involve the Portuguese scientific and technological community - which has enormous capacities, for the general mobilization in this war. The IMM is responsible for the implementation of the PCR diagnostic test implemented, certified and validated by the Ricardo Jorge Institute and is ready to take action. Uses reagents produced in Portugal by the biotechnology company NZYTech. The IMM test will also allow estimation of viral load, which may be relevant in the assessment of clinical prognosis.
The IMM test will be produced in large quantities and the objective is that it be applied in its own units throughout the country. The application of tests to nursing homes is very important and particularly critical and urgent. It is being implemented in direct coordination with the Minister of Labor and Social Security (MTSS), Ana Mendes Godinho, and with the Portuguese Red Cross (CVP) in conjunction with Social Security. It requires a very sensitive logistics operation, to collect samples and apply the necessary measures to isolate the infected elderly. Support from patrons and volunteers is being collected by the MTSS.

Inspired by our great neuroscientist António Damásio, through his book "The strange order of things", we appeal to what is most important at this moment "LOVE".

The Soares family and all the teams of the companies Herdade da Malhadinha Nova and Garrafeira Soares thank you for your contribution.

Alunos IMM

About the author

The Soares Wine Cellar it started in 1983, when Maria Antónia and João Soares settled with their two children in Albufeira and started the company's activity with the opening of a mini-market that after a few years was restructured giving rise to the first wine cellar.
Nowadays, the second generation, João e Paulo Soares and daughter-in-law Rita Soares, are responsible for the growth of the Garrafeira Soares group, dedicating themselves to retail and wholesale beverages and already having 25 stores.
Herdade da Malhadinha Nova is a typical Alentejo family homestead, bought in 1998 by the Soares family: João, Paulo, Rita, João and Maria Antónia Soares. Located in Albernôa, in the heart of Baixo Alentejo, it is a space of freedom, lost in the horizon without limits.
Since 1998, the family's passion and commitment have led to the transformation of long-abandoned lands into soils capable of giving life to genuinely Alentejo products, devoting themselves to the production of high quality wines and the creation of native animals in complete harmony. with Nature and a strict protection regime with a protected designation of origin (DOP) .

Equipa que lidera o combate ao Covid-19 do IMM

Budget and due dates

Although the amount indicated is high, we are fully aware that all aid will be little and at the same time essential. Our goal is to sensitize other companies and people who have the possibility and willingness to help, and any amount donated (from € 1) will be precious!

This value aims to increase the installed capacity, as well as its quality and to fund research for the second wave of Covid-19.

PPL is not charging any fees for this campaign except for the payment costs

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