Challenge for União Audiovisual - Tiago Bikes Again
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Challenge for União Audiovisual - Tiago Bikes Again

Travel from Chaves to Faro, the 738 km of Nacional 2, by bicycle, for 48 hours and collect, € 10 per kilometer, trying to reach the total value of € 7380. This value reverts in ...

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Travel from Chaves to Faro, the 738 km of Nacional 2, by bicycle, for 48 hours and collect, € 10 per kilometer, trying to reach the total value of € 7380. This value reverts in its entirety for the purchase of food goods.

Winter is coming

The cultural sector is experiencing the greatest crisis of modern times. Covid-19 paralyzed all cultural and artistic activity, leaving thousands of unprotected workers and families in a dangerous situation. The audiovisual union is an informal group that provides support to workers in the sector through contributions from food products. Fearing that the crisis in the sector will worsen in winter, there is an urgent need to continue supporting those who support those who need it most. In this sense, the following idea came up: Travel from Chaves to Faro, the 738 km of Nacional 2, by bicycle, for 48 hours and raise, through Crowdfunding, 10 Euros per kilometer, trying to reach the total value of 7380 euros. This amount will fully revert to the purchase of food.


When I started the tour manager role, I didn't even know what that meant. I began to realize the importance and responsibility over time. I had to learn about light, sound, structures, stages, security, highways and tolls, airplanes and trains, hotels and restaurants, visas and diplomacy, exchanges, time zones, languages, politics and geopolitics and if I didn't get to know almost everything so that everything went well, I was responsible. But I was lucky because I went to study the right book. I was lucky because I learned a lot from the experience of the PL, with the diplomacy of the JN with the spirit of sacrifice of the HN and with the elegance of the MR Four men who dress in black and who are invisible during the show. But there are many more invisible. Those who assemble and disassemble. Those who run cables, this and that, those who hang heavy iron and who risk their lives doing authentic juggling. People who get everything ready for us. Those who arrived after them: artists, musicians, the public, and when we all go home, they still cam. Working, of course. People who rest on hard boxes, who sleep under stages, who do not have schedules, but who are always ready not to sleep to make another show possible. Be it sunny or cold, or 400 km away. There are many who work on a show, but these are the ones who work the most. The show has to go on and we need them. They are invisible because that is what is required of them, but paradoxically, they have become the most visible face of precariousness and contempt for culture in Portugal. We will not drop anyone. People are not disposable.


About the author

Tiago Cação was born in Montemor-o-Velho in 1983. He lives in Lisbon. Graduated in Tourism and frequently in the Marketing Course at ISCA (Higher Institute of Accounting and Administration of Aveiro). He was a cultural programmer, travel guide in the Lofoten Islands, Norway, executive producer in the music industry and Tour Manager for António Zambujo. Currently collaborates with Universal Music Portugal. He is a photographer and travel writer by passion. He has publications in Observador, TSF, Visão Viagens, National Geographic, Jornal o Globo and Folha de São Paulo. Addicted to long distance cycling events, a sport he has only practiced for three years. In 2019, the Bikingman World Championship, which took place in Portugal in twenty-ninth place, ended the 950 km race in 76 hours.

Budget and due dates

The 2-day trip will take place between September 26th and 27th.

The amount raised reverts in its entirety for the purchase of food goods and distribution to União Audiovisual.

Note: the platform charges 6% of the amount raised to support the costs of the operation.

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