Simple cognitive tools

Simple cognitive tools

This is the book that shows how to make learning, mastering knowledge and taking part, especially for a person with cognitive challenges. The story tells the learning path of Mi...

This is the book that shows how to make learning, mastering knowledge and taking part, especially for a person with cognitive challenges. The story tells the learning path of Mirão, with cognitive challenges, for having trisomy 21.

The book "Simply Cognitive Tools" was born from the need felt in one's own skin to provide cognitive support to a young student with cognitive support needs, having Trisomy 21, who one day asked his parents: "And I, I can't have a higher education course"?

The question asked went deep into us. We hadn't even considered this opportunity. How was it possible not to include him at the outset? In fact, it is time for human needs for cognitive support to be seen only as a challenge.

The question made us uneasy. And, it all started! In fact, it is time for Education to be a right that can be exercised with ambition at all levels of education and places (whether CAO, Residential Home or Other), with adequate accommodations for the human needs of each person, as it is the greatest value that allows everyone to develop and participate, far beyond myths and stereotypes (the real physical and mental barriers).

From the beginning, we started to apply cognitive tools. Entered the Higher Education Course! We fulfilled Mirão's will (his name). In fact, it is time for everyone to learn and master knowledge, by promoting interests and experiences in different environments (without restrictions).

We needed to get to know Mirão better and revisit its route, and we already knew it better than anyone else. We applied the design thinking methodology.

We needed to design and apply cognitive tools to make you learn and master knowledge. And, it's not that they work at all! In fact, it is time to provide the right personal assistance, so that the person has an independent life (it does not mean doing everything alone) and learning throughout life. It is also time to build and apply the right tools (the cognitive tools) to achieve learning results and mastery of knowledge.

Mirão has been successful in its learning path in higher education, not without overcoming constraints, namely when the environment did not offer the necessary accommodations.

This story is worth reading, as it may benefit many other young people with or without cognitive support needs, as everyone can benefit from the techniques conceived and applied. With your help we will be able to get the message across that almost anything is possible. The impossibilities are often in our minds, in myths and stereotypes.

We need your help to bring this book entitled "Simply Cognitive Tools" to birth. Contribute and receive it at home in April of the year 2022.

With your help, we will be able to show that everything can be so simple.

Todos podem ser expostos às experiências!

About the author

Francisco M. Vicente

Young higher education student with cognitive support needs. Swimming athlete in a federated competition at Sporting Clube de Portugal. Graduated with the Superior Professional Technical Course (CTeSP) in Multimedia Product Development. Student of the Degree in Design and Graphic Production.

Sergio C. Vicente

Father of a young student with cognitive support needs to learn and master knowledge. Information Technologies Manager. Coach of people with cognitive support needs and their families. Doctoral student in Business Management. Master in Administration and Public Policy. Degree in Management and Public Administration.


Virtual coach for students with cognitive support needs and their families. Modeled by the young student in 3ds max.

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