Treze - um álbum-retrato

Treze - um álbum-retrato

Thirteen is an album about this year. And he needs your help to see the light of day.

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Thirteen is an album about this year. And he needs your help to see the light of day.

After listening to a lot of Portuguese music this Summer, I decided to write in my mother tongue and gathered all the work done to produce some physical evidence of what I've been doing. And here 'Treze' was born.

I called some friends, we went to a studio, recorded the whole thing, and "Voilá", done. Lyrics about Love, Adrift Thoughts and other somewhat life-based stories.

My folks helped me anyway they could, but like a bird leaving its nest, I've got to spread my wings and avoid the ground. So what I'm asking you, is to help me financially to produce the Physical Edition of 'Treze'. To show you a sneak peak, I suggest you to listen to this song.

* Cumulative Rewards: As the amount of donation rises, the rewards of lower amount that contain "[cumulative *]" will be added to the Total Rewards recieved. All physical rewards without postage costs in Portugal. Delivery to the Portugal islands and countries other than Portugal are to be combined by email.

About the author

My name is Vasco Vilhena and I'm a 20 year-old kid who was early put to listen to weird things like Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Kevin Ayers and Vanessa Mae by his parents.

Although my footprints flee into Pop, I cannot detach myself from some alternative roots.

With my debut in the originals, releasing an album in summer 2012, and an Ep in early 2013, I throw himself with a breakneck speed to my compositions. I promise releases at a "«Frank Zappa» speed". 

Friends of Treze

Mário Miranda - FX in Zarpar em Contracorrente and Impiedoso Inferno & Profecia;

João Martins de Almeida - Bass, backvocals in 36.000;

Guilherme Sousa Guedes Silva - Drums (except Cobertor de Inverno)

Helena Caldeira - Vocals in Valsa dos Amores Despedidos

Pedro Pereira - Rhodes, Teclados in Valsa dos Amores Despedidos

Other songs and Live Experience

As the single for Lunaticity (my first Album) I had this song, called Daisy.

In Prologue (EP) I had Love Breaks Up & Flies Away, and I provide you a link to my live act at Faz Música Lisboa 2013.

Budget and due dates

Consultado os preços da Impressão de Edição Física, o orçamento aponta para os 1000€ por 500 Unidades. Isto conta a Impressão da Capa Digipak (edição em Cartão), impressão nos CD's, um Mini-Livrete e os Portes dos discos para minha casa. Para além destes custos adiciono 500€ para pagar a Artwork e para estampagem das T-shirts de Recompensa. Dado que o Álbum está previsto para ser lançado dia 13 de Dezembro, tenho planeado, caso este projecto de Crowdfunding tenha sucesso, o fim deste dar-se a 30 de Novembro. 2 semanas para a impressão e envio das Edições Físicas do Treze foi o tempo máximo declarado. Creio estar dentro do tempo para fazer tudo de acordo com o Plano.

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