Primly - Recording of the 1º Album

Primly - Recording of the 1º Album

We want to record our first album so we can share our music with you.

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We want to record our first album so we can share our music with you.

This crowdfunding aims to record our first musical album, allowing us to share our creations and our work in the last 3 years.

We chose to take this step because we have with us the raw material (our songs) but we still do not have the support nor the means to propagate it. With the success of this action, we will establish a base that allows more people to hear our music and more doors to open to show who we are on stage, which is what makes a band breathe.

It is your help that we need most in order to get the deep end to what we intend and plan to do.

About the author

We formed the Primly at the end of 2015 with the intention of bringing to reality a dream of boys, lovers of music since always.

Characterized by our heterogeneity of personalities, experiences and musical influences, we have been building a pop-rock repertoire based on dynamism and energy.

The themes of our songs wander between the most mundane circumstances of the day and dystopias, between humor and criticism, between euphoria and nostalgia. Each song may be different from the previous one, depending on what we want to do at that moment.

It is this flexibility that we intend to define us and which we intend to explore more and more along the path we are drawing.

Who are we? Here we are:

Nelson Mouta | Éue


João Gonçalves | Rockabilico


João Snape | Snape


Mario Fontoura | +



Budget and due dates


Recording: € 1845

Marketing: € 155

PPL Commission: € 200


Crowdfunding concert: March and / or April.

End of crowdfunding: April 20

Start of recording: May

Rewards submission: until September 2019 inclusive.

  • Invest with
    10€ or more

    Early access to the digital album

    You will hear our album before everyone else. You will receive the album in MP3 format before being published on Spotify and iTunes Music.

    20 backers

  • Invest with
    20€ or more

    CD + previous reward

    You will receive our physical CD + previous reward. Shipping costs

    15 backers

  • Invest with
    40€ or more

    Exclusive video with 3 songs Acapella + previous rewards

    You will receive 3 videos with us singing our songs Acapella. Each of us will sing our instrument and in a few years will be a valuable videos! + previous rewards

    6 backers

  • Invest with
    60€ or more

    Special mention in thank-you music + previous rewards

    We will make a song of thanks and we will include your name + previous rewards

    2 backers

  • Invest with
    100€ or more

    Primly T-Shirt + Custom mention on the CD booklet + previous rewards

    You will receive an exclusive T-shirt from this Crowdfunding and we will make a personalized motion in the cd booklet + the previous rewards. Shipping costs included

    5 backers

  • Invest with
    150€ or more

    Choose a Cover song + previous rewards

    Select a cover song* that you want to see us play and we will put it in our setlist of our album presentation concert + previous rewards. * upon confirmation with us.

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  • Invest with
    350€ or more

    Schedule of 1 free concert in Portugal + previous rewards

    You will be able to have our concert in any place of Continental Portugal + previous rewards

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Videos acapella?

Estávamos nós a gravar os videos para o crowdfunding, e enquanto esperávamos que a parte técnica estivesse terminada, saiu isto do nada e ficou o desafio de ser uma recompensa! ...

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