Lonesome Traveler Project - The Book

Lonesome Traveler Project - The Book

Support the production of the book that materializes the digital journey of "Lonesome Traveler Project".

Support the production of the book that materializes the digital journey of "Lonesome Traveler Project".

During the "state of emergency" period due to covid-19, I decided to travel from my home in Lisbon to Vik, Iceland. During confinement? But how?

This trip was driven by a conversation with my girlfriend, at the end of our 10th day of confinement, in which I jokingly regretted not being able to go to Vik due to the circumstances we were in. The answer disarmed me: this inevitability could be overcome by traveling through Google Street View.

Thus, a click- by- click journey began through the streets captured by Google , over 45 days, without even leaving home. Not only did I travel, but I photographed that trip, which was my main motivation for getting on the road.

The result was “Lonesome Traveler Project” , presented in this book that not only materializes the “logbook” that was published on the project's Instagram during the trip, but adds other images and puts them in dialogue creating new readings in this format idealized for the project since its beginning.

To the photographic body of the project, the texts of Luís Mendonça and João Pedro Cachopo are added with their readings on this work that open new perspectives for the reader.

The book has 372 pages, in black and white and soft cover (paperback) with dimensions of 13x20cm.

What I propose to you is to support the production of the book.
How? Making a kind of pre-ordering at a special price and once the book is ready, you will receive it at home, or if you prefer, simply support with the amount you want to give.

The book is now ready to be printed, just waiting for your interest to travel to your homes.

About the author

I have a postgraduate degree in Discourses of Contemporary Photography from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon and a degree in Cinema, Video and Multimedia Communication from Universidade Lusófona.
I have additional training in photography that I acquired in several courses, namely in the area of analog photography by NAF and Ar.Co, in the area of photojournalism by Cenjor and the World Academy.
I photograph for the Teatro Infantil de Lisboa and I collaborate with the Generator Association with some frequency.

Individual exhibitions:

  • "Lisbon com história" - Central Generator (Lisbon) - 2019
  • "Circulatio" - Monsanto Interpretation Center (Lisbon) - 2019
  • "Jardim da Memória" - Livraria Barata Gallery (Lisbon) - 2019
  • "Jardim da Memória" - The Reserve at the Factory, Fábrica da Pólvora (Barcarena) - 2019
  • "In Bocca al Lupo. Crepi il Lupo" - Foruns Fnac (Lisbon, Porto, Guimarães) - 2018 - 2019
  • "In Bocca al Lupo" - Galeria Raúl Solnado, Casa do Artista (Lisbon) - 2017
  • "Observador e Observado" - Casa do Sal (Castro Marim) - 2016

Collective Exhibitions:

  • "Em cc - Suspensão e Gravidade" - FBAUL (Lisbon) - 2019
  • 4th Sintra Photography Prize - Mu.sa (Sintra) - 2018
  • 3rd Sintra Photography Prize - Mu.sa (Sintra) - 2017

You can see some of my projects at davidcachopo.com

Budget and due dates

The amount of € 500 will be used to cover the production costs of 80 copies + shipping.

The book is ready to be printed, so if the campaign goes well, as soon as it ends, the production of the book will begin and it can take between 3 weeks to a month. Having said this:
Crowdfunding Campaign: 25 August - 30 September
Book Production: 30 September - 30 October
Shipment of Books: Early November

In case of changes to these forecasts it will be updated here.

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