For a Golden Future : support Golden Star Community!
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For a Golden Future : support Golden Star Community!

The Golden Star Community is a project of alternative living, sustainability and communion. We are just beginning, and now we call on your the help, to grow, to finish work alre...

The Golden Star Community is a project of alternative living, sustainability and communion. We are just beginning, and now we call on your the help, to grow, to finish work already started, to get equipment, to build houses and so much more.

The Golden Star Community is a life alternative community project. We want the optimization of natural resources and sustainability, since respect for nature and for all beings, as well education and health alternatives and natural food, are already our way. Respect and love for the earth, for nature, for all beings is what motivates us.

Until today we have restored the motherhouse of the farm where we live, created a space for volunteers with a small dormitory, rebuilt ruined buildings that gave rise to a workshop, a temple / meditation space, bath rooms and a kitchen / living space (where we eat, sing, dance and talk together).

The latter (kitchen and bathrooms) served their purpose in the summer, but the cold came to stay and you have to close the kitchen / kitchen space, create plumbing and heating mechanisms for baths and dishes, insulate ceiling, walls and floor, and thus make this space comfortable and useful in all seasons. The central house, despite the conditions it provides to its inhabitants and volunteers - who have come from all corners of the world, through the Workaway volunteer work platform and others - need more space to make them feel at home, to stay longer. More houses are now urgent! Only then, together by the example of sharing and love, can we grow and help others to grow. We believe it is possible to make the world a better place and we do everything to demonstrate it.

The Golden Star needs to create self-sufficiency, so we started a 21m diameter vegetable garden mandala with 28 growing beds. In order for this work to continue, we need a tractor and implements. We want to build houses for our inhabitants, travelers and volunteers.

Obras feitas e por fazer. Cozinha, Balneários, Jardim Zen, Espaço Meditação.

Obras feitas e por fazer. Cozinha, Balneários, Jardim Zen, Espaço Meditação.

We appeal to your help for the love you feel for the land, just as we do. In our hearts the desire to create homes for those who seek in nature a sense of home, mission and belonging grows - we know we are increasingly trying to help, but we do not always know how. We know that we want to build a different community, where human beings understands their humanity through the path of love, peace and light. We're already doing it. But we need your help to continue!

With a complete kitchen and living room, dwelling houses balneary, bath rooms, and own food production, the community will have more and more people gathered for the purpose of working for humanity, to show that it is possible to live in communion with the land and take care of everyone.

The Golden Star Community is a place of magic and beauty. It will grow! It will be an icon of how life on this planet can be better.

Equipa na Horta Mandala

Equipa na Horta Mandala

About the author

Vanda Caetano Vaz de Carvalho, is the main figure of the Golden Star Community - she is the coordinator, the creator of the community model, the responsible for the volunteer program, and for the creation of the Consciousness Expansion Association, with the team that are co-creating this community today at the farm where all are growing .For more than 20 years, she has been following a path of learning and personal development, promoting spiritual, mental and emotional balance throughout the world. He has specialized in Biosintonia, combining therapeutic techniques of Reiki, Quantum and Multidimensional Healing, Meditation and Personal Development. She is a writer and a poet and in addition to a vast path of formation, she has spent the last decades of her life touching, healing, teaching and learning with the people around her, starting with her family and ending with all students, and temporary members of the Community.

João Mendes de Sousa. Although recent in the project which is the embryo of the Golden Star Community and still does not reside in the farm that will see him grow as well, it has contributed with average content for the dissemination and promotion of the Community and its space. He is a musician of various languages ​​(from extreme improvised music to serene meditation music) and has explored a path of mantras, Tibetan bowls and spiritual songs as a way to get to know him better, and those around him, cultivating a growing love for nature and by the beings she bears and nurses.

Fernando Santos: "When I started to practice Reiki, a new phase in my spirituality opened up. Now in the Golden Star Community I continue to enjoy this same spirituality and deeper. "

Rui Santos: "This path has been very gratifying, with a lot of inner discovery, a lot of peace and light."

Eugenia Dias: "I'm 45 years old and started practicing meditation in 2013. I did Reiki attunement shortly afterwards and I started to vibrate the community with more people that same year. The community is giving me all the freedom, peace and light that I need. Gratitude Golden Star. 

My name is Marketa and I come from Czech Republic. After I finished my studies of medicine I decided to take a rest for a while and spent my holidays a bit different then I had been used to. So I made a registration on and was searching some kind of volunteering-help. One day I got a message from Vanda inviting me to help them in their comunity. I didnť think about too much, didnť expect anything and just decided to go. I supposed to stay there for two weeks, but finally I stayed there longer. This place is just amazing. Everything has been doing with love, freely in quite pace. I have met there so many different nice people who are connected by the common motivation to create. For me it is a place where you can feel self and you are respected by the others who are always willing to help and support you. Although I can't speak portugese we understand each other through some kind of the common language. I would like to thank them again.

Cozinha comunitária (2) & Nós!

Cozinha comunitária (2) & Nós!

Budget and due dates


Isolation of Coverage

80 X plates 9.20 € (each) = 736 €

80 Plywood Plates 14 € / m2 X 65 m2 = 910 €

Materials for gluing and finishing (varnish, glues, screws): = € 430



Varnish for cement 4 cans of 2,5l of 50 € each = 200 €

Wall isolation

Sealant to cover slits and openings in blocks / bricks 3,50 € X 50 = 175 €

Heating system

100 liter thermo accumulator = 200 €




Second-hand tractor-tractor with ripper and hedge trimmer

Approximate value according to the research carried out: € 8500

Horta Mandala

Horta Mandala

TOTAL = 11 151 €


PPL Commissions: € 830,25

Net value: € 8169,75


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First five backers

We've gathered the first 5 backers. Hurray!

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First five backers

We've gathered the first 5 backers. Hurray!

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